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Learn How To Recruit The Best Technical
Talent in the Industry

Learn How To Recruit The Best Technical
Talent in the Industry

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about us

Pablo Stanley

Design Lead, Invision

If you're looking for talent for your next project, I highly recommend collaborating with people from Ukraine. Make it in UA makes it easy by highlighting some of the coolest talents there!

Our educational

Tap into Ukraine’s Top Talent Pool

Why hire local IT talent when you can hire the best IT talent? 

Ukraine is home to the industry’s best software programmers, trusted teams, and vetted tech experts. You can hire a dedicated team to work on your next big project and take your business ideas to a whole new level. 

For many reasons, from low-birth rates to hyper-risky Venture Capital in early stage companies and young founders, the West suffers from a massive and costly supply-side problem.

Enter Ukraine, a young, bustling knowledge-economy, leading the world in AI, Cryptography and other Sciences. Previously known for its industrial BPOs (Outsourcing), it's now winning Red Lion, Cannes and Red Dot awards in its edgy-design scene. 

Cost Effective Hiring

And here’s the best part - they cost a fraction of what you’d pay in the West! Finally, you can hire Ukrainian developers, designers and marketers at affordable prices without having to compromise on quality or time.

Our unique position as a top remote job placement agency in Ukraine, has allowed us to network with these incredible remote agencies across the country.  All our specialists and agencies undergo rigorous screening and evaluation before they are added to our talent pool. This means only the best remote agencies make the cut.

We are already working with Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups- want your project to be next? Book a call now.

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