How much does
it cost to build
a team in Ukraine?

This calculator helps you figure out who you’ll need to hire to bring your project to life. We will take a look at your project needs, and give you an accurate estimate for what it’ll take to bring it to life.

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It's as easy as building a unicorn
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Question for you

Why limit yourself to hiring local, “what was available” talent when you can hire “the best outside of Silicon Valley “ talent for 1/2 the cost?

You’ve built your team!

Congratulations! Your superstar team of 6 brillant Ukrainian developers is ready for action. Book a call today to get started.


Here’s much you’d pay for this team in:

$66,600 / month*
$66,600 / month*
$66,600 / month*
$66,600 / month*

Ukrainian talent is up to 50% because:

Ukraine has a lower cost of living and a 5% tax rate compared to a 45% tax rate in the UK for instance

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