How do we work?

Kick-off call

15 mins
Provide all the details about the role and your company culture to your dedicated matchmaker on a short kick-off call

Job description

1 day
Let us build up a rock-star job company description to attract the 'unfindables'


1,5-2 weeks
All the CVs are screened and the most relevant candidates are quality assured by your dedicated matchmaker on 1-on-1 interviews
You get 5 Vetted Senior Specialists ready for 2nd round interviews

Talent search

0,5-1 weeks
Your job opportunity is spread across our media channels, as well as in- and outside of our talent network


1-1,5 weeks
All communication and scheduling is supported by the matchmaker while you run interviews
Make the final decision and sign the contract directly with the candidate


1 month
Collaborate for 1 month, No-risk, No payment to us, to make sure you made the right choice
We support both you and the candidate to make sure everything is running smoothly

Build your Employer Brand

Your Success story is published through our network
Attract and Retain higher quality talent in your future hires

Guarantee period

Get an unsuccessful candidate replaced for free within up to  80 days according to your plan
Get a 25% discount on each of your next placements