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About the role

About the position

We are growing fast and looking to recruit a seasoned ReactJS Developer. You will be the first ReactJS developer in our team and work with other backend developers (J2EE and NodeJS) to create a variety of solutions for our customers. A lot of your work with involve creating apps and add-ons on tops of existing third party SAAS solutions who expose their own React based frontend framework.

Ideal Candidate:
Someone who has worked in super small companies (less than 10) and will be doing everything for growing the company. You will be making the product, doing product demo, fixing bugs, updating docs, etc. Whatever it takes to be the founding engineer.

Position's responsibilities are:

  • Produce “clean” and well-structured code, with detailed specifications. This means that your code is commented, well structure, readable and comes with documentation;
  • Build web applications and React components/widgets for existing solutions that have their own reactJS architecture guidelines and documents.
  • Implementing 'pixel perfect' design as delivered by our designers
  • Connect frontend interfaces with REST APIs, GraphQL to create dynamic applications;
  • Create code that has great test coverage to avoid unnecessary issues in the future;
  • Collaborate with the team in all phases of the development lifecycle, including the strategy and the architecture of the systems you will eventually build;
  • Troubleshoot and debug applications.
  • Must be self motivated and self-starter. We are a super small team with no managers. Everyone is super nice and manages their own schedule. We are here to help you and trust that you will know how best to manage your own work.

ReactJS Developer requirements are:

  • 3+ years' experience of working on a JavaScript Developer position, including ES6;
  • Professional experience (hands-on) with ReactJS Framework for 3+ years;
  • Experience with Sass, Less and/or CSS Modules, WebPack is highly preferred;
  • Experience with the usage of node/npm/yarn;
  • Solid experience with of other web technologies including HTML, CSS, vanilla Javascript, AJAX and so on;
  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other related area is NOT required;
  • Write clean, optimized, bug free code and ensure you are employing best practices and software design patterns
  • Great technical communication skills;
  • General understanding of core computer programming, distributed systems, logic & cloud infrastructure
  • Highly motivated and works with minimum supervision and remote location.
  • Good communication in English via slack/email. Everyone in our team speaks/writes English as a second language. As long as your can communicate via English, we should be OK.

Our Offer

  • Work from anywhere with our remote policy. We mean it. If you want to work from the beach and drink some margaritas and catch some wave, we may just want to join you one of the weekends :)
  • Profit sharing. We are a small company with big plans. If the company revenue does well, we will share that with you on top of your regular salary.
  • Competitive Salary for position and location
  • Health Plan and/or Deductions
  • Flexible vacation/days off policy
  • Yearly Bonuses Program
  • Paid parental leave / Flexible conditions on return
  • Continuous Training (both on site and online)
  • A small team that will treat you with respect and like our family.

Our Interview Process

  • A 45 mins Zoom interview so that we can get to know each other, discuss background, talk about technology. No coding in this part.
  • Homework problem: We will give you a real problem to solve. You will be asked to design and implement a very small React component for an existing commercial software like SalesForce or some Atlassian product like JIRA of Confluence using their ReactJS framework. We basically want to understand your problem solving kills, ability to read developer docs, design choices, and view the actual solution code.
  • We move fast. If you pass both and we all agree on the terms, you will become part of our family and we can start working on the next bid idea :)
  • (highly desired) If you can share some of your work with us on a Zoom conference, that would be extremely useful. Nothing better than showing what you have done.

About the company

Note: We are a small fully remote company. We are looking for someone who is living in a country with a low cost of living. Candidates living in US, EU, UK, Australia, etc may not work for us due to their salary expectations.

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