Automation Junior QA Engineer

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    Ukraine, Kyiv
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    Full-time candidate
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Automation Testing
About the role

Building a Data Management Platform. At the same time, we build instruments for data processing, presentation, analytics, and reporting. The platform is used by the world's largest companies to understand the ever-changing career preferences and ambitions of their current and future employ.

This is primarily an automation QA position. You will conduct occasional manual checks, but focus mostly on writing integration (and end-to-end) tests for our products.
You will work closely with both the developers and the product team, supporting product development from A-Z.
You will conduct testing prior to releases, ensure the correct performance of our products (helping developers identify causes of various issues), and communicate with business stakeholders from time to time — suggesting improvements and discussing future plans and strategies

Key requirements:

-Effortless English
-Experience with test automation (big bonus if with Python)
-Experience writing end-to-end and integration (API) tests
-Experience implementing QA processes and knowledge of modern QA practices
-Strong grasp on manual testing principles
-Experience with and general understanding of APIs and Microservices


-Experience testing data processing systems
-Product team experience
-Experience as solo QA engineer in a cross-functional team

How to apply:

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @AnastasiiaKaplun

About the company
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