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About the role

Why this Role?

  1. Create software that will redefine the movement from physical to digital. CartKit is positioned to create the most deeply integrated, leveraged and useful software for commerce in the digital space.
  2. Work with some of the best and brightest people in the world. A team of 7 builds products used by over 30,000 businesses. We've achieved more than teams that are 10x our size by relentlessly focusing on first principles, recruiting world-class talent and building in-house tech that allows us to magnify our output.
  3. Make an outsized impact. Our team is still small and each team member wears many hats. Get to participate in every phase of the process — from inception, to planning, to implementation, to polish. Take ownership over not just code, but business outcomes.
  4. It's a magical time to join. We're bootstrapped, profitable and have rapid growth opportunities ahead of us. Join us and shape the tools that are redefining digital commerce.

About this Role

So what will you do as a Full Stack Engineer @ CartKit?

  • You'll build new products and features from start to finish. This would involve research, conception, planning, maintenance and polish. Think features that empower digital brands to sell more, such as new marketing channels and integrations.
  • You'll build improvements to existing products and features, such as improving the performance and efficiency of our campaigns editor.
  • You'll build and improve upon business operations and internal tooling — a large part of our efficiency comes from the internal tools and systems we've created — think setting up monitoring and internal dashboards.

Is this a good fit for you?

We're looking for world class talent that has energy, drive and a conviction to push digital commerce forward. This might be for you if...

  • You excel at your craft — your work is well crafted and well tested.
  • You have experience with scale — you've worked with companies that have experienced rapid growth and understand what it takes to reach the next level.
  • You can readily learn — to you, tech is a means to an end. You're not married to any language, framework, or ideology. You use the right tech for the job and can learn new tech quickly.
  • You care about business implications of the software that you build — you understand the balance between craft, speed and the bottom line. You understand that software is built first and foremost for customers.
  • Bonus: You enjoy writing — you understand that clear writing is oxygen for a distributed team and take pride in clearly articulating your thoughts and ideas.
  • Bonus: You've spent time as a senior engineer or tech lead.
  • Bonus: You're fluent with Typescript, NodeJS, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Ruby on Rails, VueJS, React.

About the company

Company Mission

We want to empower digital businesses with the tools they need so that they can focus on what they do best: creating and selling their unique products and services.

About CartKit

CartKit's products are used by over 30,000 active businesses from over 150 countries. We're very profitable and have doubled revenue year over year. We're bootstrapped and entirely distributed — find us in Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, and the United States.

We have a flat organizational structure; everyone is responsible and autonomous. We dislike bureaucracy and aim to eliminate operational inefficiencies. We don't believe in long meetings or formalities.

We encourage the team to find the right balance between synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. Each team member is on a personal journey to maximize deep work, focus, creativity and impact.

We believe in an idea meritocracy. We focus on adding value and building, getting work done in the best possible way, and making something greater than ourselves.

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