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The uperiaka.com B2B marketing academy team is looking for an experienced copywriter to create marketing texts, to work directly with the academy owner and to create content for blog, social media, funnels and ads.

Main responsibilities:

- Writing texts on TK for different formats and media

- Search for interesting facts, cases and metaphors to create really useful and engaging content

- Creative copywriting - creating strong creatives for ads, headlines and titles

- Repurposing existing content (video) into articles, posts, mini-books

- Interaction with the marketing team for constant feedback in both directions

Must have:

- 30-50 hours per week

- High autonomy, proactivity and productivity

- Experience, experience, experience, quality is important, not quantity

- Contempt for the bureaucracy, love for living language and laciness

- Passion for marketing, copywriting and desire to constantly grow and experiment

What do we offer:

- A cool project that you will be proud of working on

- Extremely dynamic environment that will motivate you to grow 10x like a pro

- Decent salary and performance bonuses

- Remote-first approach, the ability to work from anywhere in the world

- The atmosphere of openness and the absence of "managers", the opportunity to speak out and be heard

What we do not offer:

- We are not babysitting professionals, you must be responsible for the result and formulate your tasks yourself and distribute them

- We do not work with toxic guys, if you like to complicate things and are constantly dissatisfied, you are not here

- We do not scold for mistakes, but try not to repeat them

- We do not work from 9 to 5, we are flexible, but quite demanding

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