Software engineering

Machine Learning Engineer (Python)

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  • Type
    Full-time candidate
  • Salary
    2.500 – 4.500 € / month
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About the role

Tired of data science roles that end up being mostly data engineering? Or spending years on edge cases for a single application?

Join our 100% remote, full-time, team of Machine Learning engineers, and work on exciting ML solutions every day.

Take responsibility for the entire ML project cycle: From researching the best ML approaches for a problem, to scaling your model on AWS running billion of live requests per day.

Work with us and our customers on meaningful challenges that help millions of customers: Predicting rare diseases, automating radiology assessments, optimizing car manufacturing and better managing electrical grids for entire countries.

You will like the role if you want to

  • Work 100% on machine learning projects, no data warehousing, no distractions.
  • Work on hard, interesting and meaningful challenges – like AI for digital drug discovery.
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Get stuff done and try your ideas – with 0 bureaucracy.
  • Go on team adventures around the world, twice a year.
  • Work on large & complicated datasets from companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes and Johnson & Johnson.

Skills you need

  • Excellent communication.
  • Solid Engineering Background (4+ years development experience).
  • Familiar with AWS and / or Google Cloud, Docker and Python.
  • Familiar with Machine Learning.

Skills you will learn

  • How to build real-world machine learning pipelines.
  • How drugs are developed, cars are built, how LCMS machines work, and genomes are sequenced and of course what the data involved looks like. – You will never be bored.


  • 2.500 – 4.500 € / month, depending on experience and location (cost of living).
  • Company shares – and shares in yearly profits.
  • Unlimited contract, paid holiday & sick days and team holidays twice per year.
  • Hardware (MacBook), if you need it.

How to apply

  • Step 1: Fill out our ML Engineer Questionnaire: https://datarevenue.com/apply/ml-engineer
  • Step 2: Complete a small online Code Challenge.
  • Step 3: Interview 1 with our CTO and CEO
  • Step 4: Data Science Code Challenge
  • Step 5: Interview 2 with our CTO and CEO, and Offer.
  • Step 6: Offer

Junior ML Engineers

We also hire exceptionally motivated and talented junior ML engineers. If that's you apply, and we will be excited to review your application.

Career Development

Ever since we started we have been growing between 100 - 200% per year. Get the chance grow your skills and take on more responsibility together with us.

Please indicate in your cover letter that you are applying from Make it in Ukraine.

About the company

We are a remote team of machine learning engineers – we build full-scale machine learning solutions for BioTech, Energy and Internet companies. Our main office is in Berlin, Germany.

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