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About the role

Why you should apply:
Be one of the first senior developers to join DeFiner
Architect, Design middleware component of a three tier system
Help move the company to one of the top leading cryptocurrency companies
● A degree in computer science or relevant field or comparable experience
● Experience in BlockChain, Ethereum and Solidity
● Extensive experience with designing databases and providing access through APIs to the database
● Ability to solve complex problems and express solutions in laymen’s terms
● Excellent oral and communication skills
● Ability to architect end to end solutions
● Firm grasp of object-oriented programming
● Coding skills in at least one of the following languages: C++, Java, TypeScript
● Ability to write design documentation and review code for other developer
● Ensure excellent architecture and design for all features
● Design, code and deploy database as the middle layer with input from Ethereum BlockChain and APIs to fulfill requests from DeFiner client Application
● Architect new features into the middle layer based on client and blockchain requirements
● Ensure highest level of security measures in system
● Review code written by other developers
● Write design documents and review design documents
● Ensure full automated testing of middle layer

About the company

Change the world of banking by joining DeFiner and introducing a technology driven bank relying on smart contracts and blockchain instead of brick and mortar and bankers.

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