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Full-stack developer w/Vue and Node - blockchain space

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About the role

As part of our expansion, we are planning to build out a suite of dashboards, models and tools for our members and a cohort of exciting projects and are looking for developers to work with us on this.

If you are not technically familiar with blockchain based projects then no problem - it is not required. However some knowledge at least of what Ethereum is would be useful.

About the role:

You will be one of the first members of our development team working on greenfield projects directly alongside our CTO.

The process of building out a dashboard that's useful for our members looks like this:

  • Pull the data we need by integrating with APIs or writing a script to directly read the data from the blockchain
  • Add the backend capability to store the data
  • Create or extend an existing Vue app to serve the frontend
  • Take the designs from the designer and leveraging charting libraries such as Highcharts, make something great

We are looking for highly motivated and experienced full-stack developers - ideally having used Vue (Nuxt) and Node as well as being proficient at converting designs into CSS and markup.

The position requires strong technical expertise, enthusiasm and a desire not only to write good code, but also deliver value to us and our clients. The position is open to full-time remote developers based in Europe or Latin America.

Technical environment:

We iterate fast, releasing early and often but believe in modular, maintainable, reusable code. In order to stay agile, testing is something we apply lightly to projects in the early stages and more heavily once a project is stable.

Tools used: Vue, Nuxt, Node, SCSS, PostgreSQL


For those with an interest in the digital asset space you will have a front row seat to the emergence of decentralised finance - working alongside the best minds in the space and with the most exciting projects.

Flexible, remote working - work when you want as long as there's good overlap with our CTO (Europe based)


Perfect command of English (written and spoken)

Must have interest in blockchain or crypto projects and ideally be willing to be paid in some form of stablecoin such as USDC.

At this time a rolling monthly contract engagement is preferred but this could change over time. Full-time preferred, but part-time possible unless you already have a full-time job (no evenings and weekends workers).

To apply:

Email jobs@delphidigital.io with a brief description of why you think you're a good fit

About the company

Delphi Digital (https://www.delphidigital.io/) is a research-driven firm dedicated to advancing the understanding and development of the growing digital asset market

Delphi Digital (https://www.delphidigital.io/) is a research-driven firm dedicated to advancing the understanding and development of the growing digital asset market. While our foundations lie in producing institutional grade research for some of crypto’s top funds, institutions and investors, we also consult with leading projects in the space. Most recently, we’ve added a Venture Capital fund in our goal of enabling us to continue driving the digital asset space forward.

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