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About the role

Summary of Position: The district0x development infrastructure currently relies heavily on AWS and Docker integrations, with secondary deployment and testing, and observations systems utilizing CircleCI, Cloudwatch, and Sentry. There will be additional overhead in the form of maintaining our Infura Ethereum node.

As a Dev Ops Engineer, your goal is to maintain the integrity of the infrastructure currently in place, with an ever-present goal of 100% service and application uptime. You will be expected to remain on hand for any fires, and will be the sole engineer in charge of the uptime metric. You will work independently and have full autonomy to decide the future of our infrastructure, in whatever way minimizes potential fires and workload.


  • Establish a clean and efficient development, test, and production environment.
  • Write and implement test suites covering the full range of code functionality.
  • Collaborate with the team to define architecture, quality standards, and best practices.
  • Diligently document all aspects of open-source contributions.
  • Strategically migrate our AWS, Docker, and Dockerhub infrastructure to a less fragile, more robust solution.


  • 4+ years of demonstrated expertise in infrastructure development
  • Deep knowledge of all things AWS, and all things Docker
  • Experience with automatic deployment pipelines, and continuous integration solutions.
  • A passion for cryptocurrencies and other peer-to-peer technologies
  • A basic understanding of how the Ethereum network, nodes, and smart contracts operate.

Additionally, you MUST be able to:

  • Speak and write English fluently
  • Communicate proactively (we are 100% remote!)
  • Work independently towards deadlines
  • Accept a salary paid in Ether, Bitcoin, or similar cryptocurrencies.

About the company

district0x is a global organization developing the next generation of decentralized applications (dApps). Built using Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS, district0x is a network of marketplace dApps known as districts. Our mission is to decentralize the ownership structure of the world's marketplace by providing a platform for the creation, operation, and governance of peer-to-peer marketplaces.

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