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React Engineer

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About the role

What We're Looking For


  • Proficient in Git, Github and gitflow
  • Basic understanding of CLI
  • Basic understanding of SEO and accessibility
  • Advanced understanding of chrome developer tools with the ability to step through code
  • Basic understanding of the difference between the following types of applications and the pros/cons between them:
  • Server Side Rendered
  • Single Page
  • Statically Generated


  • Cross browser CSS using various layout systems and familiarity with Less or Sass
  • Familiarity with different CSS architecture methodologies ( BEM, SMACSS, OOCSS)
  • Familiarity with styled components and/or CSS Modules
  • Familiarity with image loading techniques including picture element, lazy loading, srcset, etc


  • Advanced understanding of Javascript including module patterns, data structures and algorithms, ajax/fetch api, and DOM manipulation
  • Intermediate understanding of pros and cons in regards to object oriented and functional paradigms
  • Intermediate understanding of component driven architecture utilizing one of the following: React, Angular, Vue, Polymer
  • Intermediate understanding of testing including unit and regression testing
  • Intermediate understanding of webpack and with experience writing plugins and debugging
  • Basic understanding of Typescript
  • Basic understanding of Graphql and Graphiql


  • Intermediate understanding of Nodejs
  • Basic understanding of Server Side Rendering with on of the following Node, PHP, Python, Golang etc


  • Advanced understanding of browser capabilities in regards to progressive web applications including service workers, storage engines, and techniques for makings things fast


  • Willingness to continuously learn and improve skills
  • Follows browser changelogs and Ecmascript released features
  • Likes innovating with new tools and technologies
  • Builds with the future in mind in terms of quality and reusability

Our Values

  • Accountability - Do right by the customer and your teammates.
  • Detail Oriented - Be precise. Take the time to do it right.
  • Positive Energy- Have a positive attitude, be ready to learn, and enjoy what you do!
  • Healthy Life - Unplug and recharge - stay balanced.
  • Keep it Real - Be fair, trustworthy and honest.
  • GSD - No time like the present!

We Offer

  • Competitive salary
  • A voice in product
  • Environment that cares about the quality of work delivered
  • Constant learning and challenges
  • Benefits (varies by location)

About the company

We Are

Elevar, and we're on a mission to automate the daily analytics tasks of eCommerce business owners so they can focus on building their own world class stores.

Founded in early 2017, our fully remote team (13 of us) is looking for motivated individuals that enjoy the challenge of defining the vision while navigating the early stages of product development.

We have over 3,500 customers utilizing our product from around the world.

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