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FrontEnd Developer
About the role

All-in-one trading platform for your Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency
Brief history of the company: We are a team of traders, security experts, marketers with a goal to make a global platform to trade and manage crypto efficiently.

● Strong knowledge of JavaScript, TypeScript, React ;
● Experience in developing frontend complex web applications;
● Understanding the basics of OOP, FP paradigms
● Deep knowledge of CSS
● Ability to do high-quality code review

Will be a plus:
● experience with MobX;
● experience in designing complex applications;
● understanding of design principles: SOLID, KISS, YAGNI, DRY, SPOT, Separation of Concerns, etc.

More about the person we are looking for:
● For remote work and permanent employment (calls to zoom.us, slack)
● The ability to deal only with our project (it will definitely not work to combine)
● Ability to work in a team. Be both a leader and be able to follow
● Strong skills in code optimization and working with high-load front end
(data goes at great speed over WebSocket)
● Attention to detail
● Good English
● Ability to solve atypical and complex tasks
● Since the project is directly related to trading, it will be a plus if you have either interest in this or some experience

How to apply:

Email: anastasiia@makeitinua.com

Telegram: @AnastasiiaKaplun

About the company
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