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Head Of Engineering (Elixir)

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About the role


● Experience with Elixir: you have developed applications for production use;
● An interest in platforms that run at scale;
● Knowledge about caching strategies, message queues and service-oriented architectures;
● Comfortable in setting up and managing Linux servers for your projects;
● Experience with deployment tooling, monitoring, alerting, dashboard visualisations, load testing
and/or live system debugging;
● Write tests as part of your coding routine and strive for code quality and maintainability;
● Strong communication skills and be a team player and a responsible person with great attention to detail;


● Lead our engineering department;
● Oversee development teams projects progress;
● Monitor reliability and performance of all internal systems to suggest improvements;
● Ensure compliance with security regulations;
● Participate in hiring process and coordinate developers training;
● Coordinate with external partners and football clubs for new integrations and maintaining
current integrations;
● Review and update policies relevant to internal systems and equipment;
● Work with a big scope of tasks: starting from API which should handle 2+ million users in the
same time and live broadcasting for more than 300k viewers.

About the company

Forza FC is bootstrapped and profitable, which means no interference from investors. We have full control over our company and products. We keep things simple, and avoid lengthy company policies and bureaucracy.
We are working with leading clubs and organisations in the football industry to develop a digital membership platform that delivers next level experience to fans whilst enabling clubs to establish new and increase existing revenue streams, and to increase the quality of customer synergy.
We have already launched with Arsenal London, Brondby Indefra and Galatasaray with 450k active users.

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