HR Specialist

  • Location
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Type
    Full-time candidate
  • Salary
  • Budget
About the role

Our mission is to create perfect user experiences and help companies around the globe to implement their business strategy by developing the most advanced web and mobile solutions.

Main tasks of HR/HRD:

* development of corporate culture
* management of in-house recruiting team (3 persons) + office manager
* assistance in recruiting for key vacancies
* onboarding & adaptation
* performance Review procedure
* 1-1 meetings

We offer:

-21 working days of vacation
-parking spot (center of Kyiv)
-ability to make influence on the strategy
-totally ready to discuss benefits

How to apply:

email: anastasiia@makeitinua.com

Telegram: @AnastasiiaKaplun

About the company
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