Marketing Specialist/Traffic Specialist

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About the role

We are currently looking for a candidate who can monitor the work of project teams. Needs to have managerial experience in media projects. Understanding organic traffic and paid marketing for mobile apps and websites.

Experience in a similar position for at least 3 years
High-Level Business Decision Making Skills
Experience with traffic channels (SEO, Adsense, Adwords, double-click (preferable))
Knowledge of key conversion factors, the ability to measure indicators and understand their purpose
Team experience (developers, designer, SEO)
Advanced English Level

It is desirable:
Experience with Western markets (USA, EU);
Experience with customized advertising, and analytics
Experience composing marketing roadmap
Experience in B2B and sales

Work with traffic channels, conversion, upscale
Product improvement, quality improvement for customers
Benchmarking, market-specific analysis, monitoring of new trends, setting, if necessary, additional product requirements
Control a small team according to timelines and results

As a must: experience in working with PR and digital marketing agencies, marketing mobile apps and raising brand recognition along with social media experience.

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