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About the role

Are you a high energy, positive person with a friendly demeanor in writing and online? Do you thrive on working independently and maintain top-level discipline and reliability when there’s no boss looking over your shoulder? Do you enjoy connecting with people on social media? Would you be psyched to help support a community of smart, successful women seeking dating, relationship, and confidence advice?

You might be the assistant community manager we’re looking for!

This is a bit of a hybrid role that requires an organized, independent self-starter with a high level of detail orientation. You’ll be taking care of the beating heart of our public community on social media - making sure support requests that come in through social get to our support team quickly, raising any bigger issues that come up, and sharing important feedback with the rest of the team. You’ll need to be responsive, reliable, and capable of keeping yourself disciplined. You must love being in near-constant digital communication and care deeply about getting it right with every individual member of our community, every time.

You’ll work closely with our social media manager to moderate our social media community on weekends and US timezone evenings. It is essential that you can commit to being online starting at 11 AM Eastern Time on Saturday and Sunday. You won’t need to be handcuffed to your desk, but you will need to be reliably checking in and handling all comments that need addressing, as well as communicating with our social media manager and your fellow assistant community manager.

You’ll also be handling some content archiving, and this is where your detail orientation and independent discipline will shine. You’ll keep accurate records of our social media posts as well as correctly cataloging our YouTube videos based on pre-determined criteria. We will train you, but once we have, you’ll have fairly free rein over when this happens. If you’re a bit OCD and love the challenge of categorizing appropriately, this stuff will be a breeze.

The qualities we’re looking for include:

– Detail orientation; show us you care about getting the finer points right (like proper spelling of names and clean formatting for readability)

– Highly communicative and reliable, high digital availability

– Passion for the work we do and our community

– Extremely disciplined, with high ability and desire to work independently; you will not have someone looking over your shoulder, but the work must get done all the same! We will hold you accountable.

– Prior experience as a freelancer preferred

– Social media management experience a plus

Responsibilities include:

– Comment moderation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with special emphasis on making sure customer support requests are handled in a timely fashion and important feedback is passed on to relevant team members

– Double checking social media posts to make sure everything is working & looks beautiful

– Keeping detailed archive of social media posts, including the original assets

– Accurate cataloging of all YouTube videos

– Comment moderation/approval on our website blog

Why Join Us?

You’ll work remotely with a lot of flexibility. We are 100% remote, with team members based in LA, NY, the UK, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Make an impact – help women level-up in their relationships, self-esteem, and happiness.

Be part of a positive, upbeat team that deals with each other with respect and gratitude.


This role is part-time freelance for 15 hours per week. Between 6-8 of those hours will be weekend hours; the rest will consist of evening hours checking in on the social media community, independent content archiving work, and any team meetings necessary. There is some potential for growth if you impress us, but this is unlikely to be a full-time role anytime soon.

To be considered, please write a cover letter to recruiting@howtogettheguy.com as to why you’d be a good fit in the body of your email. DO NOT send a CV or other attachments (if you attach ANYTHING to it, your application will automatically not be read). We prioritize culture fit, high levels of attention to detail, and superstar-quality writing when selecting candidates.

About the company


Matthew Hussey / Get the Guy is a successful online dating and relationship advice company that helps women get the results they want in their love lives – but we don’t stop there. Nothing stays at the surface with us; we go deep and show our customers how to transform their confidence and self-esteem to live happier, more fulfilling lives overall.

You’ll be writing to & chatting with our Operations & People Strategist, Rachael Mare. Her favorite color is blue, so she’d be pleased if you put that word somewhere in your subject line when sending your letter.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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