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About the role

⚙️ Project Background:

Our team is building a middleware layer for a theatre ticket booking system. The middleware connects two different ticket booking software systems together. The idea is that one acts as the 'master' and the other acts as the 'slave'.

In short, we are building APIs and making API calls for this project.

✅ What you will do:

  • Integration with user-facing elements developed by Front-End developers with server side logic
  • Integration to 3rd Party systems to act as an API Gateway
  • Write reusable and effective code using DRY principles
  • Integration with data storage solutions (e.g. Key/Value stores, Databases, etc.)
  • Effectively use tools and problem-solving to identify and fix issues before they become a problem

🛠 Main Requirements

  • Strong proficiency with JavaScript and Typescript
  • Knowledge of NodeJS and related frameworks (such as Express and Hapi)
  • Good understanding of Asynchronous programming
  • Understanding design principles behind scalable applications


  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience using SQL (PL-SQL or T-SQL)
  • Experience with Redis Datastore
  • Hands-on experience with deployment pipelines (e.g. Azure, AWS, etc)
  • Understanding of security and data protection
  • Basic understanding of Frontend technologies such as Angular

🦾 Soft Skills

  • Use of code versioning systems, such as Git
  • Use of Azure and/or Jira
  • Ability to use Swagger
  • Agile Scrum Methodology

💪 Personal Qualities

  • Strong opinions backed-up by clear structured thinking and good communication.
  • Self-organising professionals who naturally lead rather than follow.
  • Confidence to work with a senior team and also support junior staff members.
  • Friendly and cooperative humans who like working with others.
  • Spoken & written English (you will be in stand-ups with English speakers)

🌐 Company location:

Germany, plus developers in Ukraine 

🕘 Appropriate Time zones:

  • UA timezone

How to apply:

email: [email protected]

Telegram: @AnastasiiaKaplun

About the company
  • We are a team of expert software developers. Companies like Commerzbank, Hewlett Packard, The Economist, Deutsche Bahn, HSBC Bank, PayPal and many more hire us to build robust, scalable and mission-critical systems.
  • We care about usability, code & architecture quality, transparency as well as post-project results. We rally against over engineering, feature bloat and delays to app store releases.
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