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Product Manager
About the role

You will work with the existing team to install a full (and scalable) product organisation into Silverfin, as it grows globally. You will be willing to access (and in time learn) the domain (accounting) knowledge required to build an application which will disrupt the accounting industry.


Product ownership

Along with the existing product team (Co-founder/CPO/CTO, domain product manager (an ex-accountant), designer & engineering leads), you will work effectively with all the stakeholders of the business in order to understand product needs and requirements, and to establish priorities to deliver on a 3 month rolling roadmap.

You will deliver detailed product specifications supported by an appropriate amount of research and analysis to the CPO , and ultimately the developer team leads. You will think strategically, ensuring all product choices enable us to scale effectively and maximise user value.

You will ensure all obvious product hurdles are removed, ensuring we have sufficient designs and other product prerequisites allowing the development teams to stay efficient in their work on a day-to-day basis, taking ownership for the delivered product.

Process improvement

You will use your existing deep product experience to improve how we work, installing better product processes in both the product and development teams.

You will have experience of and be able to advise on the use of different software tools for best managing the product, and improving user research and user experience.

You will ensure seamless interactions of the new processes with the rest of the business (Marketing, Partnerships, Customer Success, Sales, Finance).

User advocacy

You will get as close to our users as possible using appropriate research methods, and will demonstrate empathy, committed to delivering the best user experience and design under a lean product process.

Required Attributes

  • Minimum of 5 years working in a product role in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experience building or working in an established product organisation for a B2B cloud product.
  • Experience building a Fintech SAAS application is desirable.
  • You are hardworking, diligent, and able to navigate highly complex processes, delivering simple, well thought through solutions.
  • You are an excellent communicator and empathetic to all your stakeholders in order to build the most efficient and effective product organisation.
  • You are confident and authoritative, in order to influence the appropriate stakeholders in the business to ensure we continue to build the best product, with strong product principles that can disrupt an industry.
  • You are self-organised, with the ability to cope with lots of competing demands, while still delivering value to our users everyday.
  • You are curious, and willing to learn about and apply new technologies, in order to ensure we keep our competitive edge.

About the company

The Future

“Ultimately we’re building a central nervous system for financial advisory and services firms, paving the way for us to become the first real-time monitor of businesses’ financial data.” - Silverfin Co-Founder Joris Van Der Gucht

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