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About the role

Hey 👋
We're an early stage growth team with a ecommerce-centric business model. We sell growth packages for technology companies in the SEO and virality space. Our services range from backlinks and written-for-you blog posts to done-for-you reddit marketing.

Our clients love us because we're affordable, we guarantee results, and our customer success team is always around to help. Not to mention the services are one-of-a-kind.

We're looking to hire our first non-founder leadership team member, who will work closely with the founder to manage and lead the company.

A great applicant will have a strong background in growth, digital marketing, and project/program management.

So let's dive into day-to-day responsibilities...👇

Role Responsibilities

The Head of Operations role is going to be responsible for managing and leading our Services and Customer Success teams. You'll be managing our departments heads, as well as tinkering and constantly optimizing how our marketing processes work.

Broadly speaking, your day-to-day will be broken down into 3 buckets. Realistically, these will constantly change as the company matures and develops.

Leadership & Management

  • Ensure all departments have organized, standardized & up-to-date SOP's. Clean up, standardize and operationalize how each service is fulfilled.
  • Be a role model to our department heads and internal leaders, develop a regular 1-on-1 cadence to discover problems and opportunities
  • Work with CEO and department heads to set OKR's, goals & key results
  • Help us grow by hiring and onboarding new roles as needed
  • Evaluate and discover revenue driving initiatives using our team's capabilities


  • Create and manage a company-health dashboard with an end-to-end financial reporting process. We need to know how much money we're making, where it's coming from, and how we can optimize it.
  • Create and launch an in-company profit-sharing program. Our top employees should be rewarded as the company grows.
  • Figure out the COGS for every marketing service we offer. Improve how our team tracks our work so that all hours are accounted for toward projects
  • Ensure our services are highly profitable on a monthly basis. Create and me

New Projects
And of course, we're always building new projects and services. We need constant help laying out strategies, brainstorming, and defining and executing new projects. Roll up your sleeves and jump into our new project development process.

Our leadership team is. based in Brooklyn, in Williamsburg. We'd love a local NYC/Brooklyn hire. That'd be a bunch of fun. But we're a remote-first team, so it's totally OK if you're remote as well.

Our compensation is competitive with the role, and includes a percentage of profit component. Please email us with a subject line that contains "Applying for the Head Of Operations Role". Please include a link to your resume and your linkedin profile as well.

Please indicate that you are applying from Make it in Ukraine.

About the company

We're building a new kind of marketing agency. One focused on productizing growth hacks and organic marketing services. We use this capability to incubate our own businesses in the marketing/technology space. This capability allows us to leverage these marketing strategies to incubate and start our own companies.

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