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About the role

The Details | Marketing Manager (Flex/PRO) |

Essential Functions

  • Build a pipeline and drive revenue through ​developing lead generation campaigns​ at various points in the customer journey.
  • Execute across all appropriate channels including paid search, SEO, account-based marketing (ABM), display, paid social, and webinars.
  • ​Coach team members through product messaging & communication methods.
  • Maintain a culture of collaboration. Break down silos to make the customer journey the most effective from top-of-funnel to customer retention.
  • Work closely with graphic design on creative execution necessary to support demand generation programs.
  • Participate in review and planning sessions with sales, school success, marketing, and product leaders which will inform the demand generation strategies.

Customer Journey

  • Write conversion copy for email, landing pages, chat, and in-app suggestions and notifications.
  • Develop a strategy with sales, school success, marketing, and product leaders to create a customer-centric lead generation engine.
  • Develop campaigns and supplemental materials aligned to sales and school success and translate them into sales sequences, one-pagers, and presentations.

Campaign Analytics and Reporting

  • Track and analyze the performance and funnel metrics related to all efforts to continually optimize the performance of our campaigns.
  • Provide recommendations to the content team for articles and podcasts that improve SEO and SEM ranking for PRO Learning and FLEX Curriculum.
  • Optimize SEO, SEM, and social advertising for enterprise products.


  • Develop case studies, identify customer stories,  and report customer success data for team members to leverage and drive compelling conversations.
  • Prospect call and email coaching to ensure consistent messaging that adds value and uncovers potential impact for AOEU.
  • Provide feedback and recommendations for our pipelines: targeting criteria, strategy, engagement, messaging, objection handling, and execution.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Pace and change: Understand the stresses and risks in organizational change and how to mobilize the organization behind new campaigns.
  • High aptitude for problem-solving and collaboration to effectively work with other leaders, customers, and stakeholders to evolve AOEU’s messaging
  • Experience with key evaluation metrics that drive pipeline and campaign prioritization
  • Experience with leading the development and use of digital platforms and technology products (HubSpot, Google Analytics, Wordpress, social platforms, etc.)
  • Track record in developing new messaging for enterprise SaaS products
  • Demonstrated capacity to manage and optimize existing campaigns

Work Environment

The duties of this position are typical of those performed in a home office setting with normal ranges of temperature.  The majority of tasks will be performed while sitting at a desk.


  • Position requires considerable concentration and focus throughout the day.
  • Ability to sit for extended periods of time
  • Ability to lift items such as laptops, monitors, and the like.
  • When traveling:
  • The ability to lift or push your suitcase.
  • Ability to carry/lift up to 25-50 lbs of presentation materials for customers or for conference presentations, etc.


  • Ability to view computer screens for significant periods of time.  The Art of Education University is an online university.  Therefore 95-98% of one’s time will be on or using technology.
  • Ability to use a laptop keyboard with accuracy.
  • Ability to hear at normal levels and through electronic devices such as laptops, earbuds, phones, and the like.

Position Requirements


  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is preferred.


  • Five or more years of experience in a similar position(s) driving growth and maintaining a consistent track record within the enterprise SaaS space
  • Experience working in a remote capacity is strongly preferred
  • Passion for experimentation and presenting results (and experimenting again)
  • Builds data-informed demand generation strategies
  • Writes marketing copy and crafting messaging for campaigns
  • Builds highly targeted campaigns with sophisticated automation
  • Knows A/B and multivariate testing methodologies
  • Possesses experience with web analytics and conversion optimization tools and the ability to work with large data sets
  • Comfortable with front-end web development (CSS, HTML, PHP)

Compensation and Benefits


Structured as a full-time, exempt, and salaried position with the opportunity to receive quarterly incentives based on performance in the role.  Compensation is commensurate with education and experience.  Payroll is issued on a monthly basis paid on the 15th of the month.


Group healthcare plans are available.  The Art of Education University will contribute 100% for full-time health, dental, and vision, employee-only coverage.  Family coverage is available at an additional premium.

The Art of Education University offers participation, upon hire, of a 401K plan with up to a 4% match of employee contributions.

Appropriate and up-to-date technology is provided.

Unlimited self-managed PTO is offered to full-time members of AOEU.  Extended vacations must be pre-approved.  Flexibility exists so long as responsibilities are fulfilled and careful planning and communication are evident.



Persons interested in applying should complete the application form linked below.  Applicants are required to submit a short 1-3 minute video explaining why they would like to be considered for the position and why they are uniquely qualified.  Failure to submit a video will automatically eliminate you from the application process.

Candidates who make it to Round 2 of the Application process will be required to complete a packet for review, prior to their scheduled interview time.  

Finalists will have one final culture interview with the President of the University.

The Art of Education University is committed to taking the time to find the right fit for our positions.  This process may be more rigorous than you are used to.  We have set up several interview steps to make sure this will be mutually beneficial to both our institution and our next new team member.  We hope you take this journey with us!

While submitting, please indicate that you are applying from Make it in Ukraine.

About the company

The Art of Education University | Who We Are |

Our mission is simple, driven, and inspiring: We grow amazing art teachers by providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging professional development at every stage of their career.

AOEU is an innovative and fast-growing institution of higher education serving art teachers around the world. In 2019, we became the first homegrown graduate university in the state of Iowa in 50 years and the world’s first “University For Life,” serving art educators throughout an entire lifetime of learning.

The Art of Education University serves tens of thousands of students, readers, and customers around the U.S. and in over 40 countries. Our Magazine is read more than 800,000 times each month, our events are attended by over 4,000 art educators annually, and we serve over 2,000 graduate students each year.

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