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About the role

The ideal candidate will be able to add irreplaceable value on a 30-minute call with clients that are considering investing a large amount of sum into digital product design or development, with or without EHR integrations.  You would be far more than someone selling, but someone tasked with understanding the vision and their nuances, and sharing product strategy and suggestions on the call to earn their partnership.  In other words, much more than a sales call and much closer to a free consultation where prospects come away feeling like they just stole $2000 of valuable knowledge.

As a sales engineer, you should either have experience building products (either on the development or product management side), or have multi-year experience selling development services.  You must be fluent and experienced with health IT terminologies like SMART on FHIR, FHIR servers, HL7, HIPAA compliance, HITECH, and have intimate knowledge of at least 1 major EHR system (epic, athena, cerner etc). Concepts like rapid UX prototyping, progressive web app and native mobile app development, flutter versus react native, devops, and usability testing should also be familiar.  

Breaking things down to deliverables, we need you to:

- attend approximately 5-10 remote meetings per week during PST business hours with major hospitals, biotech companies, managed healthcare, smaller healthcare providers and healthcare entrepreneurs;  

- be an amazing communicator and question-asker;

- know how to Close (ABC);

- be radically transparent (think Ray Dalio's "Principles");

- work with the product team to put together solid estimates, which can require a lot of negotiation;

- write compelling proposals covering design, development, and usability testing services;

- set and account for focused KPIs that measure the company’s sales performance;

- be a team player (we aren’t down for sales pointing fingers at product and vice versa);

- updating our Sales SOPs to help scale the team;

- proactively push the product team to get better based on learning market needs from prospects;

- making us sound like we’re the last development partner they’ll ever need;  

The nature of this challenge varies by the week if not day.  If this sounds like an exciting and suitable challenge for you, please add to the top of the cover letter your answer to "What part of our culture statement is the hardest thing to achieve?"  

Compensation will be base salary plus commission.  

About the company

Topflight Apps started in 2017, and today we have a team of 25 people (half stateside, half abroad), and this year we're on target to do $2mm in revenue and are currently a market leader in developing complex applications in healthcare & fintech.  We've 2x-ed each year since 2017, and have taken no outside investment or debt to date.   Here is our culture statement: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KEpEOoXcGgCLRlC-wh8Gis-QZ6l2zUw-/view?usp=sharing

We currently have around 20- 25 monthly Sales Qualified Leads, and as we aim to build out a dedicated Health IT division next year, we're looking to bring on a full-time Health IT Sales Engineer.  

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