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About the role

What we do

Yuca (http://yuca.co) is primarily an ecommerce product company, which manufactures products in China that we sell on the Amazon.com marketplace. We've created a number of internal tools to help automate and streamline internal processes. We're now looking to hire our 2nd web developer to join the team, allowing us to create more apps and make them available to other Amazon sellers (aka SaaS apps).

What you'll be doing

We've built a number of scrapy small tools that involve the use of data scraping (often using Headless Chrome with Browserless, proxies, 2-step authenticators and so on), many APIs (especially Amazon MWS), and Bootstrap for the front-end. So whilst the role is for a full stack developer, you'll likely spend most of your time in the back end. We've dabbled with machine learning and will continue to experiment and use new technologies. We're going to build more apps like these and also larger scale Web apps that'll have multiple paid users. You'll often be collaborating with our other Web developer, but sometimes also taking ownership of a complete project.

What we're looking for

Here's a list of the core technical skills that we require:

  • PHP follow PSR (https://www.php-fig.org/psr/).
  • Familiarity with composer.org, Laravel, and Symfony are a plus.
  • Nodejs.
  • MySQL.
  • Familiar with Linux basic console.
  • CSS libraries including Bootstrap.
  • Javascript libraries including jQuery.
  • Git version control.
  • Asana project management.
  • Scraping data.
  • Amazon AWS (S3, SES, Machine Learning).
  • Experience with REST API, working with JSON and XML and using external APIs (e.g. Facebook).

About the company

We're a small, fast-moving team with a totally open and flat organizational structure. The position is completely remote, and you're free to work where and when you wish. We like to create a flexible environment that allows you to focus and be in flow. You'll never drown in emails, or Slack channels. And we almost never have meetings. Although once a year, we'll try to have an all-expenses-paid team meetup in Bali.

We're obsessed with using Asana for all task and project management. We love to keep things organised and have built our own wiki to document projects, a cron manager to handle scheduled tasks and a central repo for all of our libraries.

We're a profitable business that has been operating since 2011.

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