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A Start-to-Finish Hiring Process Checklist

The future of talent acquisition is already here and it's remote. Use our 8-step Remote Hiring Checklist to standardise your hiring practices, make sure your recruiting team is in sync, and help key stakeholders remove inefficiencies that stand between you and getting the best talent.

Your Hiring Process. Streamlined.
Build better relationships and quickly move candidates from hello to hire with the remote hiring checklist

Get expectations aligned to ensure a smooth transition across the stages.

Candidate experience matters. A positive candidate experience can mean the difference between winning and losing talent.

Ensure Compliance. From data collection to equal pay to hiring practice, check off all the latest human resources legislation

Conclude your recruitment process and set up the onboarding to guarantee your candidate’s success from day one.

Operational efficiency and effectiveness matter. Recruitment Ops functions are growing in demand as companies strive to promote efficiency, effectiveness and success.

Cover all 8 steps to prepare for onboarding a new employee and guide them through the process of joining your team

Rein in the Hiring Chaos
Streamline processes, ensure the whole team is on the same page, and identify where your hiring pipeline can improve.

You're One Click Away From Stress Free Hiring

Use this checklist to keep track of the practical steps of your hiring pipeline and stay worry free.

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