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You’ve done the work for your client — now let's get you paid! Don't worry, there's nothing tricky about it, we'll guide you thru each step.

Invoicing Made Simple

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Payee's name

Required Field: Who is this Invoice from?
Please check the transliteration matches your documents and the first/last name indicated in your bank.

Also please write your registration address (for possible mail correspondence) and identification tax number (if you have it, because not everybody has a tax number).

Invoice number

It's better to use simple numeration for your invoice

Invoice date

The date Invoice was issued

Due date

(Optional) The deadline date the invoice should be paid

Payer's name

Required Field: Who is this Invoice to?
Who pays the money.

Please write the name of company correctly.

Payer's address

Price for 1 Unit / 1 Hour

Place here how much costs 1 hour of your work ($40.00, for example) or price for one unite of your work (Design of 1 web-page costs, for example $1.000)

The service you provided to your customer

E.g.: Advertising / Marketing services, Web Development
Design services

Quantity of invoiced units

If you write in the previous cell your hourly rate, write here the overall amount of hours you've spent for this exact type of work.

If you write about countable services: put here the amount of web-pages or designed layouts, or launched Ad campaigns

Total amount

Just multiply the value of the first cell by the value of the second cell

Total invoice amount of money

Add every item/service amount. It's the overall sum of money you charge your client.

E.g. (40 hr * $40.00 per hour) + (2 web pages * $500.00 for every page) = $2.600

Total amount = $2.600

Other conditions

(Optional) You can add other fields required by your client, your bank, your tax authorities, etc.
Please don't add unnecessary and unrequired info.

Also, in some cases there can be placed your bank information (BIC, IBAN, etc.)

We made one just for you

Grab our free invoice template below to have the perfect invoice done in just 5 mins.

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Important notes:

1. This invoice is suitable for receiving payment for services and for remote work.
2. Keep in mind: there are services like and others that let you invoice clients and request payment thru their platform.

What is an invoice? 

An invoice is a bill for products or services you provided. . By creating and sending a invoice, you are recording the fact that you provided a service and are formally requesting payment for it.

Why issue an invoice

An entrepreneur needs supporting documents by law. The invoice is necessary for both you and your customer as a document for reporting, tax, and regulatory authorities.

The invoice is no less important than the contract. When crediting foreign currency payments, the bank carefully analyses the invoices to understand the transparency and legality of the grounds for receiving funds.Issuing an invoice is a standard international practice. This document often includes the functions of an act of work performed. At the same time, you and your customer can be VAT payers or not, but in both cases, you should issue an invoice.

The client can set a condition that he needs a preliminary invoice (in international practice, known as a proforma invoice). As a rule, the invoice and the proforma invoice are identical, but the proforma invoice is non-binding and just a preliminary. And the main invoice (it is also called a commercial invoice) is a vital payment document. Therefore, in both cases, this invoice template will suit you.

Rules for invoicing

Mandatory information (in a nutshell): Who, To Whom, How much, For what and When must pay. For more details on each item, see the invoice sample below.

How to invoice

It is more convenient to create and fill out an invoice online. This invoice generator contains all the required fields with explanations.

Tips: What mistakes you should avoid in invoicing

  • A common mistake is to postpone invoicing. Try to issue an invoice either on the day you provide the service or within an agreed time frame.
  • It is a mistake not to set the terms and conditions of payment. The client will procrastinate and will not pay in the end. Always be clear about the deadline for payment of the invoice with the client.
  • After you send the invoice for payment, it is forbidden to change it. If it's necessary, check the cancellation with the client.
  • Control payment for each invoice. It is wrong to issue an invoice to a client and leave it on the client's conscience. Monitor and control or you will have a risk not getting paid.
  • Incorrect data and numbers in the invoice can cause the invoice to be invalid and may become a reason for the refusal to pay. At least, an incorrectly issued invoice will significantly complicate the payment process and increase the payment terms.
  • Do not send an invoice in a way that is convenient only for you. Check the sending options with the client.
  • A bilingual document complicates its verification and certification (unless it's specifically required).
  • Prepare an invoice draft in advance. Discuss any problematic moments with experts, do not improvise.
  • Be sure to keep the archive of your invoices (it may be digital).
  • Last but not least. Already filled out a sample invoice? Now recheck it carefully.

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