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How to Write A Resume That Gets You The Interview

Your resume gets 50 seconds to convince the reader not to toss it. Want to make sure you pass the 50 second test? Grab our proven template, fill it out following the guide and in 15 mins, you'll have the resume that gets you in. Ready, set, write.

Avoid These Common
Resume Pitfalls

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Add your First and Last name, right below it add your role.

Don't include your patronym. Write the resume in English and make sure.

Photo or no photo? 

Most US and European hiring managers say it's unnecessary but If you do include one, make sure it is a professional headshot with nothing in the background.

Contact information should always be at the top

Make sure your contact info is clearly legible and easy to spot.

Use a professional email, ideally one that's just your first and last name.

Hard skills section

Hard skills outline your technical proficiencies. These can include programming languages, data analytics, mathematical aptitude
and more.

Soft skills section

Soft skills are the interpersonal qualities you need to succeed in the workplace. They determine how you work with and relate to others, think of them as people skills.

Critical thinker, effective communicator, team player are good ways to describe yourself when you want to highlight your soft skills.

Make sure to highlight your leadership and communication abilities

Main Detail Highlights

Include your location, desired salary

Work experience

List your work experiences from most to least recent.

Include the city and country this job took place in.

Include 3-5 sentences or bullet points that illustrate the value of your core function in the role.

If you have gaps of more than 3 months between jobs make sure to provide information on what you did in that time period.

Think like a hiring manager

Make sure you frame your functions in a way that highlights the impact your work had on the overall team or organization.

Make It Measurable  

Frame your experiences in numbers, percentages, and milestones to illustrate that you have a track record of meeting concrete goals.

Rather than writing “successfully hit sprint milestones” as a bullet point write “successfully hit sprint milestones  100% of the time and shortened the software development timeline by 25% in the last 5 months.”



Higher Education

Include college education and/or college level courses you've taken that are relevant to the role.

Extracurricular Activities

Make sure to highlight additional extracurricular activities that are relevant to the role you are applying for.

These can be like hackathons, speaking engagements or volunteer work.

Include Professional Certifications, Awards and Recognition

List any awards and accomplishments as well as accredited professional certifications

We made one just for you

Grab our free professional resume template below to have the perfect resume done in under 15 mins.

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Our Final Tips for the Perfect Resume

Keep it to One Page
Watch your verb tenses if something on your resume is in the past, use the past tense (managed, delivered, developed) and for current role, use the present tense (managing , delivering, developing).
Remove inappropriate skills that will not affect your position in any way ("I’m good at driving". Great, how does this help you write code?).
Everything written in your CV should be exclusively in the official language used by the company
Triple check your grammar and spelling errors
Experience and companies can be placed into several columns. This will make it easier for a recruiter to read it. But only if data is not stuck together in a heap in these columns.
Do not send CV copied from your, accounts, or created with the wrong template.
Use only one font. The most readable font is Times New Roman 14 pt. (not only for CVs, but also when writing documentation and dissertations).
After writing, put away your CV and read it later. For example the next day.
Save the file in PDF  (it preserves formatting).

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