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Is your platform free for talent?

To Apply as a Talent

MiU is a free platform to apply to as a talent. This means you sign up to be a part of our talent pool (if you pass the vetting process ).

To Apply as an Agency

MiU is a free platform to apply to as a talent. This means you sign up to be a part of our talent pool (if you pass the vetting process ).

How do you charge?

Hunt hiring services

We charge a placement only when you hire a candidate. You only pay after 1 successful month of working with our candidate, and only if you’re happy. If things don’t work out we will provide a free replacement for up to 12 months from the hiring date.

Agency Quotes service

Any agency quotes we generate for your project are free. We make money in the way of commission, from the agency, only upon a successful relationship with you.

Engage with a job post

We charge an upfront cost for one-time job board postings, starting from $99. If you’re looking for multiple candidates or dedicated Matchmaking, contact us for better pricing.

Leverage a remote-team

We charge an upfront cost for one-time job board postings, starting from $99. If you’re looking for multiple candidates or dedicated Matchmaking, contact us for better pricing.

Is this platform like Upwork/Fivver/Toptal?


  • we do not take money from our talent
  • we rigorously vet our talent and work with the only 1% of applicants that pass our evaluations 
  • we do the heavy lifting, filtering thousands of choices to provide you with the top 3 that match your description 
  • we are always in contact with both parties, to ensure a smooth process and eliminate any confusion during the collaboration
  • we do not act as an escrow
  • we do not encourage race to the bottom pricing
  • we do not add friction between you and your talent
  • and there is always a human manually going through all of our talents, making human calls, shaking human hands.
How long is the hiring process?

On average, you’ll receive 3 screened and ready-to-work candidates CV’s to you within the first 5 days of working with us. This is due to our ongoing work in Ukraine and our large database of excellent candidates.

How does payment work?

Our platform, job applications, and knowledge resources are absolutely free for talent.

Payment for posting a job on our board costs $99.

What you get for $99 

-your job is displayed for hundreds of top talents to see

-your job is featured in our weekly newsletter sent out to all talent. 

-your job is promoted in your telegram community and across our social 

-full refund If you don’t see at least 3 applicants within 14 days

Payment for hiring depends on your objective. 

Are you looking for a turn-key solution or a single talent to onboard your team? 

  • Hiring a standalone talent will involve paying a finder’s fee to MiU of 12-20% of the candidate’s salary.  
  • Hiring an agency will be a finder’s fee of  12-20% of the projects total budget 

For example, if you hire a full-time senior developer for an annual salary of $20,000, MiU will take a finder’s fee of between $2400-$4000 depending on the seniority of the role. 

Hiring a team/agency is better suited if 

-you want the full process managed for you or 

-have a high stakes project with a fast-approaching deadline, 

-lack the time or resources needed to manage 

-the project or your project is in its earliest stages and requires a deep dive to map out feasibility, costs, development stages, and timeline.  

What happens if I don’t like any of your suggested choices for your headhunting service?

If none of our top choice candidates are a good match for your hiring needs we go back to the whiteboard to understand what changes we need to apply to the headhunting search.

I’ve never hired remote developers, can I still benefit from your headhunting services?

Yes, we made the process very easy, so that everyone can benefit from our services. A huge plus when coming to us, is that once you give us your requirements, we’ll come back to you with our top choices, that already fit your specs, so all that is left for you to do is evaluate the personal touch that they bring, and choose the one that best matches your vision; simple no?

What are the advantages of employing remote workers?

There is a very long list of advantages in hiring remotely, world-wide access to talent, lower prices, truly passionate workers, faster deliverables are just a few. 

What happens if my developer quits the project?

If a developer quits the project, MiU will reach out to both parties, to understand the motives behind the decision, after which one out of three things will happen: 

  1. MiU will relaunch the search for a new developer
  2. MiU will offer a refund
  3. In the case, the employer( you), have not kept their part of the bargain, such as payment, desired work, etc. MiU takes the liberty of ending the collaboration without further action.
What are the advantages of using a recruitment agency?

The advantages of using MiU as your go-to for recruiting top talent; 

  1. We have the best of the best. We vet our talent very carefully and only accept 1% of applicants into our talent pool. Quality of work and work experience is the most important factor in our acceptance decisions. This is done to ensure you are getting 10x the value and with the highest performing teams working on your project 
  2. We’re affordable. We provide Silicon Valley level talent at Ukrainian salary rates. Typically 30-60% less than hiring local talent.  Our finder’s fee is 12-20% of that salary so we cost a lot less than hiring a headhunter to recruit locally. 
  3. We’re always here to make sure the entire process runs smoothly and your project is set up for success. 
Who should be managing the hiring process, my company or MiU?

Once we provide you with our top 3 choices and help set up the initial screening with selected candidates, your company takes over the hiring process. 

How do I make sure my project is on track? Who takes care of the project management?

This depends on whether you hire a team/agency or a single contractor. If you go the agency route the entire process is managed for you, this is a good idea if you do not have experience managing technical talent or projects. If you are hiring a freelancer to support your team, you onboard your freelancer and take care of managing the project. If you hire an agency, they will coordinate and execute the roadmap for you. 

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