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About the role


• 2+ years of experience as a Visual Effects Artist with good professional portfolio;
• Technical setup, integration, and troubleshooting of realistic effects in Unity engine;
• Strong-level experience with real-time effects editors in any game engine (Unity, UE4, Popcorn FX, CryEngine etc.);
• High proficiency with any simulation software (Houdini, Maya Fluids, BiFrost, Fume FX, etc.);
• Excellent skills in creating and adjusting the full spectrum of textures for VFX using Photoshop, Substance;
• Good art background;
• Independent creative learner with a passion for making games;
• Intermediate English will be a plus;
• Portfolio is a must.

What additional skills will help you:

• Experience with scripting languages; (will be a plus);
• Technical expertise with the standard industry toolset;
• 3D modeling tools will be a plus;
• Experience with version control systems (Git, SVN, Perforce, etc.) will be a plus;
• Experience with CPU/GPU Unity Profiling Tools will be a plus;
• Experience with After Effects;
• Knowledge of procedural modeling in Houdini.

About the company
Аrrible specializes in the production of full-cycle games, the design and development of VR solutions, as well as the provision of art outsourcing services. We have a variety of professionals including game artists, Unity and Unreal developers, game designers, and testers.
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