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About the role

What will you do? 🤔

Lead frontend team and work with Engineering Team to design beautiful products and thoughtful interactions that make the experience of working with data seamless!
Help us design and optimize the performance of our products.
Some of our users work with large data sets and have complex workflows that they manage with Atlan. You will be expected to prioritize user experience while building for scale.
Design and develop products for diverse personas—data analysts in a large FMCG company, a data scientist working with a large fintech organization or a business user in a product startup.
Collaborate across teams to achieve company-wide engineering goals and contribute to building a great engineering culture.

What makes you a match for us? 😍

You have experience building a product from scratch or being in the initial frontend team of any startup.
You have worked on building and debugging complex systems in both individual and team environments.
You have a knack for picking the right set of tools for the job at hand.
You are an expert in Vue.js or Nuxt.js and have a desire to deepen your knowledge in current technologies as well as learn new ones.
You have a strong sense of customer empathy and desire to influence product direction.
You have lead a team of frontend engineers previously.
You love crafting beautiful UI & solid UX/DX to solve the users’ problem. You have a knack to go one step further to delight the user.
You understand the big data landscape and empathize with the problems of data teams.
You have previously worked in a startup environment, preferably with a SaaS product.
You love open-source as much we do! Bonus points if you are an active contributor to the community (speak at conferences and meetups).

About the company

Hello, we are Atlan! 👋
A home for data teams around the world. 🏠 Think what Github did for Engineering Teams or Figma did for Design Teams (Website, Product Tour, Docs)

Our Story: Built for the humans of data, by the humans of data
At Atlan, we started as a data team ourselves tackling problems like national level healthcare and poverty alleviation with data science (TED talk; Case Studies)

The problem: That's how we learn't how tough it was to scale data teams. Data teams are the most interdisciplinary teams ever created: Analysts, Scientists, Engineers, Business; Diverse people with their own tooling preferences and skillsets and "DNA" that need to come together and collaborate effectively. Leading to collaboration chaos.

We would be awoken with crisis calls every second day for the minutest of issues - from troubleshooting why number on a dashboard is incorrect to getting access to the right dataset! Atlan started as us building small tools to make our own data team more agile.

Over a couple of years, we made our team 6X more agile and went on to do amazing things like build India's National Data Platform used by its Prime Minister. (data for 500M citizens, built by an 8 member team, fastest project of its kind to go live — in 12 months instead of projected 3 years)

💡 Could the tooling we built for ourselves help data teams around the world? That's how Atlan was born. We're on the mission to help data teams around the world do their lives' best work.

Read our cofounder, Prukalpa's article about our vision for the future of data collaboration and our journey of failing 3 times before we figured out the real solution.

🚀 We're growing fast
We've grown 16X in just the last 6 months 📈
We were named a Gartner Cool Vendor in DataOps, one of the Top 3 companies globally (one of the fastest companies to make the list 🌏)
We're backed by iconic investors, including Sequoia Capital, Waterbridge Ventures and Mr. Ratan Tata 🏅
Watch this 3 minute video of our journey so far & where we're going (in conversation with Sequoia Capital).
We build with all our ❤️
We believe that data teams deserve fundamentally better software experiences.... Just because data is chaos, doesn't mean that work should be! 🌟
Love what Superhuman, Slack, Notion, Quip & Figma have done for the modern workplace? Come build the future for data teams with Atlan.

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