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Product Manager
About the role

Hi-dee-hoo! Biteable here. We’re growing up quick and need a Product Manager to lead one of our cross-functional squads. You'll help your squad identify customer needs, find solutions, and ship like greased lightning. If that's the kind of thing you do already, come and do it for us.

All about you

You're experienced. It's not your first rodeo. You've managed teams of engineers, designers, and marketers for at least 4 years.

You've got the moves. You know which software project management tools are worth their salt and you're up to speed on latest methodologies.

You know data. You're used to pulling your own analytics data and, when you do, you know what you're looking at.

You like customers. You've spent many a day running customer interviews and discovering needs and pain-points.

You set goals and manage expectations. You're used to developing and managing team OKRs and KPIs, along with reporting results.

You speak 'engineer'. You know tech and you're comfortable riffing with engineers about development and other code-related stuff.

You speak 'design'. You're understand how product design works and you're good with UX processes.

You engage everyone. You're a strong communicator and you engage stakeholders at all levels.

You're a great presenter. You're comfortable sharing your team's work with customers and colleagues alike.

You're most of these things. But not necessarily all. You're a quick learner and mastering new skills is a hobby of yours.

All about the role

  • You’ll manage your own schedule. While you’ll need to maintain regular work hours (for the benefit of your squad), you’re free to lay your day out the way you like it.
  • You'll lead a cross-functional squad. Your product squad will be made up of talented folk from Biteable chapters like Engineering, Design, and Marketing.
  • You'll use analysis to spot trends. You'll analyze both internal metrics and customer inputs to help identify trends in customer needs and blockers.
  • You'll help identify solutions. Which means driving the discovery process and shortlisting potential solutions.
  • You'll help validate solutions. Prior to building, you'll work with Product Design to validate solutions.
  • You'll map things out. You'll work with your squad to break solutions into achievable roadmaps.
  • You'll lead development sprints. To get projects shipped, you'll help your squad sprint to the finish.
  • You'll watch what happens after release. After features ship, you'll monitor for impact and look for areas to improve.
  • You'll be the voice of your squad. You'll communicate priorities and results to stakeholders and leadership.
  • You'll develop a vision. To give your team something to rally behind, you'll translate future opportunities into an inspiring vision.

How to apply

We want you to start soon. To apply, dispatch your CV and a short cover letter about why you and Biteable fit together like a kanban board and a calendar.

We’ll review your application and then set up informal interviews with a handful of candidates. We've got our fingers crossed that you're one of them — we're rooting for you.

While  submitting, please indicate that you are  applying from Make it in Ukraine.

About the company

At Biteable we're committed to the happiness of our staff. We love it when everyone feels supported and we doubly love it when everyone feels empowered to create.

The Biteable team is scattered around the globe from Seattle to Singapore, and lots of places in between. Our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are the glue that binds us.

We treat each other like adults and we set our own schedules. We also recognize that families are part of our daily lives and we like that they often turn up on our video calls.

All about us

We are Biteable, a tech start-up that makes (jaw-dropping) videos possible for everyone. We stand apart in our market thanks to our dedication to studio-quality content and our passion for simplicity.

Since our launch in 2014 we’ve:

  • Created a community of over 6 million users
  • Rendered more than 10 million videos
  • Raised $3.9 million in venture capital

We’re growing fast and have offices in Melbourne and Hobart, Australia, with remote team members scattered around the world. We are informal, structurally flat, and fun to work with.

More about our culture

Biteable is a bit of rarity. Everyone genuinely cares about each other. When asked, they use words like these to describe their colleagues: rigorous, respectful, open, supportive, honest, and egoless.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Here are a few quotes that we didn't make up:

“I’m thankful for the flexibility Biteable gives me around my family commitments. I really like that my team is open to new ideas and processes. And I enjoy that I get to work on a variety of problems with a mix of people with diverse areas of expertise.”

“The development team is a great group of people. They’re smart and interested in doing high-quality work, but foster a social and supportive atmosphere, too.”

“Biteable's team of smart, funny, engaged, and caring people makes my work here enjoyable, every day. Being close to decisions and decision-makers helps me make an impact on our work.”

“At Biteable, you’re given the support and flexibility you need to do your best work in a way that suits your lifestyle. I’m continuously impressed by this team’s skill and unwavering passion. But what’s more, is that everyone operates with kindness, respect, and a great sense of humor.”

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