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Ruby on Rails
JavaScript Developer
About the role

With this important role, you will be making it faster and easier to get started with new integrations, continuing to develop and maintain each one.

You’ll be working closely with our Senior Software Engineer, Scott Albertson, learning how Churn Buster works and can be improved.

About you

You’ve been working with Rails for years. You love how fast you can move with it, but you also know when to head in the opposite direction of the Rails way. Using POROs, Rails Engines, and event publication/subscribing doesn’t scare you, and you see the benefits when working with a large codebase.

At the same time, you know where to draw the line. Working for a small company, you know how important growth is, and you work to identify 80% solutions to close loops, and move on to the next challenging problem to solve.

You’ve worked heavily with APIs and Webhooks in the past. You understand idempotency, error handling, race conditions, and you’ve witnessed first-hand what can go wrong when careful planning doesn’t go into system architecture.

You write tests and practice TDD, but don’t overcomplicate the codebase in the name of faster tests or 100% coverage.

You enjoy writing documentation so that customers, teammates, and future-you don’t have to use those darn brains to figure-out already solved problems.

And you’re not afraid to jump into Slack with customers to help ensure their integration or experience is going smoothly.

We’re at our best when we’re solving hard problems for customers, and you take pride in being a part of that.

Your responsibilities at Churn Buster

– Add new payment processor integrations
– Improve and support existing integrations (Stripe, Braintree, Shopify)
– Investigate and fix issues reported by customers
– Work with our customers’ engineering teams when they need help
– Write documentation regularly for recurring confusion points


– Ruby
– Rails
– Sidekiq
– API development and design
– Webhooks
– Postgres
– Heroku
– Git
– RSpec or Minitest

Bonus points

– Experience with Stripe and Braintree APIs
– In-depth knowledge of SQL and optimizing complex queries
– Breaking up large Rails applications using Engines
– Publish-Subscribe patterns in Rails

About the Job

– Full-Time
– 100% Remote
– Generous vacation policy
– Small team

How to apply

Email your contact information with answers to the following questions to scott@churnbuster.io

  1. Do you know how to use Git to do work in a branch, and then rebase and squash into the main branch?
  2. Can you build production web applications in Ruby on Rails and deploy to Heroku?
  3. Can you identify and fix pages in a Rails application that are slow to respond?
  4. Do you regularly practice test-driven development?
  5. Are you comfortable with JavaScript and have opinions about when to use a third-party framework?
  6. Do you know SQL, including what GROUP BY and LEFT JOIN do?
  7. Can you create and prioritize a backlog of features?
  8. Last but not least, what are your favorite software development books?

Please indicate in your cover letter that you are applying from Make it in Ukraine

About the company

~10% of recurring payments fail each month. For subscription companies, this can account for up to 50% of their churn. Basic “dunning” solutions are widely available, however, aren’t able to accommodate unique brands and business models.

Churn Buster is a premium dunning solution for unique brands and businesses.

Churn Buster integrates easily with any billing system via our API, and it’s even easier with our first class integrations for Stripe Billing, Braintree, and ReCharge/Shopify.

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