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About the role

Hard-skill requirements:
- 3+ years of experience / less than 3 years but have graduated from university
- experience with more than 1 technology, ideally 3 or 4
- Moving to Chainlink price feed (right now we have a centralized and off-chain price feed)
- DAO governance with smart treasury
- Implementing staking and game theory for LP
- R&D on L2
- Arbitrage bot between AMMs and Synthereum
- Liquidity incentives for synthetic assets on AMMs
- On-chain data analytics and dashboards

Our tech stack: Solidity, JavaScript/TypeScript, Redux-style architecture, Docker, NodeJS, web3.js

Soft-skill requirements:
- Smart people, creative, who take a lot of initiative, very proactive
- Keeping up ( read articles, webinars) about new technologies
- Doing own research on crypto and DeFi environment – always up to date
- Geeky people, who work at night on their own project, have own ideas, and want to improve constantly
- Start-up spirit
- Understanding - being in crypto it’s a long term commitment.
- Understanding that every “repair” you do in the code for Jarvis, could help other teams all around the globe, do to them being an open-source project, so you have to see the bigger picture in your approach
- The ecosystem is new, and not very mature so you have to be comfortable with the unknown, with researching and with exploring things that you might be one of the first people in the world to encounter

About the company

We are an open-source technology, and we are looking to do a public good.
Open source protocols we are building are tied to a token, so if you hold on to this token, you can capture parts of the value generated by those technologies.
Bringing decentralized finance to everyone. Our plan is to use synthetic assets to bring traditional assets on Ethereum, from Forex to Stocks to Commodities.

Why it is great place to work:
- Contribute to an open-source project that has potential of helping companies all around the world
- Explore and test new ideas
- Young and creative team, that offers you the freedom to explore

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