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Functional Developer for Smart Contracts ( Experience with Haskell )

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About the role

We are looking for a Functional Developer that can work with us to developer and deploy ambitious blockchain projects in one of the top five blockchains in the space (Cardano). You will join a team of experts in Blockchain with experience in public and private blockchains technologies.

You will required to extend / learn Haskell and about the Cardano protocol, write documentacion and examples, learn about smart contract and EUTXO design patterns among other tasks.


- Work closely with the Head of Research at Emurgo
- Learn about Plutus, Haskell, EUTXO Design Patterns
- Develop, Deploy and Test Smart Contracts, Tools and Libraries
- Participate in product meetings

Minimum qualifications
- Able to meet deadlines
- Has considerable experience writing in at least one functional language (haskell, scala, f#,)
- Is able to read and understand Haskell even if practical experience is limited.
- Excellent verbal written communication skills (English).

Preferred qualifications
- Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, computer engineering, or related field is a bonus.
- Experience dealing with documentation-lacking bleeding-edge code/reading source to understand expected usage is a bonus.
- Experience in Rust, WASM, and JS is a bonus.
- Experience with Blockchain is a bonus.
- Experience dealing with DSLs is a bonus.

About the company
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