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About the role

We are a team of highly talented and motivated individuals looking to make an impact.
We are 100% independent, 100% remote (always, not just during COVID) and we’re growing to become the best online school for designers.

We believe design education is broken - traditional higher education is out of date and not accessible for large portion of the worlds population, while most online courses for designers are shallow video playlists that fail to transform people into world class designers who can solve meaningful problems and make a good living doing creative work.

Our mission is to help people become amazing, high-value, successful designers.

We do this by offering best in class transformative online programs (+4,500 paying students). Our customers love our product and it helped them make more money and support their families using their design & business skills.

Mission Statement

The mission of this position is to build a world-class marketing team and head our growth efforts


- Manage agency to achieve sales goals in Q3-4
- Build internal marketing team of A-players by end of Q4
- Ensure that all our marketing is world class: creative, engaging & loved by our audience
- Plan & execute on initiatives for future growth


- Excited about sales and marketing: believes that you can create amazing good taste marketing that sells.
- Constant learner: loves to learn by reading books, and learn from past events by tracking, documenting and analysing
- Happy & motivated: we don’t like to micro-manage, we need a proactive self-starter who can manage themselves and speaks up to request resources to achieve results


- Hiring & Managing - Has built a team before
- Strategy & Planning - Knows how to design a plan to solve a problem
- Digital Marketing - Well versed in the world of digital marketing, channels, methodologies & tools
- Social Media - As our main channels are YouTube and Instagram, familiarity with these channels is important
- Paid Media - Knows and to use and scale paid media (FB, SEM, YouTube Ads) to drive sales
- Email Marketing - Understand sales sequences, segmentation and what good copywriting looks like

How to apply:

email: anastasiia@makeitinua.com

Telegram: @AnastasiiaKaplun

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