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About the role

Love web technologies and have an established career as a senior web programmer. You are interested in a position with a wide variety of projects and challenges, but that respects your work/life balance and that doesn't require overtime to meet those challenges.

- PHP, MySQL, CSS, and JavaScript are used to some degree in the majority of projects
- Apache, mod_rewrite, tinymce, jQuery, and RegEx are also a plus if you know any of those, but great Google-Fu is usually sufficient


- flexible hours and scheduling
- no overtime
- a programmer run company
- a wide range of challenges and opportunities and a choice of projects to work on

Flexible Hours:
I'm sure we can plan a schedule with you that fits your lifestyle. In a schedule/deadline driven industry, we still offer a great deal of flexibility to suit the hours and days you prefer to work - whether it's 9-to-5, three 12-hour days, Tuesday to Saturday afternoons. The priority is meeting commitments and happy clients, not an arbitrary workday, and overtime is discouraged.


- Clients who find our content management system often come to us for help building more advanced sites.
- We get to work on a really interesting range of projects. Almost anything you can imagine: social networking, pigeon auctions, crowd funding, mobile apps, etc. If you've seen it on the internet, we've probably done something like it. We never know what's next and it's never boring.
- Projects range in size from 2-3 hours to many work-weeks. As much as possible we match programmer skill-sets and personal interests with specific projects.
- You will have some say and choice in what projects you want to work on. We find the most successful scenario is when programmers work on projects that they find interesting.
- Most projects start from scratch, building automation into a new website. Others are enhancements to existing sites.
- We typically get HTML mockups provided to us and add the programming code. We rarely design websites and really are just a "programmer shop" used by web agencies. We like it this way as it lets us focus exclusively on what we do best - programming.

Client Management:

- We rarely communicate with end-users, and work mostly with a contact in a web agency, such as a project manager or a web designer.
- Strong written and verbal English is crucial. You should be able to easily understand and be understood by English speakers from around the world (we have clients in many countries).
- Our clients are mostly web designers or web agencies and usually are fairly tech-savvy. We focus on what we do best (programming) and let our clients do everything else (design, marketing, manage end-users, etc).
- Often you will be the main contact with our client (who acts as a project manager) through the entire project cycle: working with the customer on planning and budget; writing and testing the code; completing edits and fixes; and pushing the project live.
- As we're all programmers, we've learned to deal with even most difficult clients with ease, and we're happy to teach you all our tricks and back you up whenever you need. You'll have a hard time finding a client management problem we haven't dealt with before.

- Although you will often need to be independent, self-starting and accountable, your co-workers are a great resource for design and problem-solving challenges.
- The position requires you to be a team resource as well, ready to jump in on a larger project or chip in to help with a specific problem when needs arise.

About the company

interactivetools.com is a Vancouver company that has been making web software for 20 years. We sell our private-label content management system and offer custom programming services for web agencies around the world. And... we've recently converted to a remote office, so this is a job you can do from wherever you are.

We make exceptional software that clients love to use and we take pride in creating simple, elegant solutions for challenging technical problems. We love what we do and we're looking for others who love web technologies.

You can visit our website here: http://www.interactivetools.com/
And meet some of our team here: http://www.interactivetools.com/about/

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