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FrontEnd Developer
About the role

About the role,

We are looking to hire a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our small distributed team around different parts of Ireland, Canada and other spots around the world. Ideally, we are looking for a frontend generalist, someone who can wear many hats, someone who is pragmatic, and most importantly, who thinks from first principles (https://fs.blog/2018/04/first-principles). We work remotely, and so this is a 100% remote role. You can choose to work anywhere you'd like having at least 6 hours overlapping with GMT+0.

Here are few pieces of work you will have a chance to work on,

  • Lead our frontend engineering efforts and set the bar for our Senior Frontend Engineer.
  • Architecting our monolithic frontend for our new upcoming suite of products.
  • Building omnichannel conversational experiences for businesses to communicate with their customers.
  • Building a chatbot designer or editor from scratch to support major business messaging channels.
  • Founding a design system for our suite of new upcoming products.
  • Building or choosing a UI Kit and wrap it up with framework components.
  • Collaborating tightly with our Product Designer to solve complex design problems, empathetically.
  • And a few more equally exciting and challenging projects!

About you,

A little bit about what we think can be a good fit for us,

  • You worked with Javascript, and would probably put an argument choosing Typescript over it.
  • You worked extensively with Vue.js or React.js in the last 4 years & above.
  • You worked & architected data flow patterns with a front-end app.
  • You worked with WebSockets, and/or realtime web technologies.
  • You worked with REST, GraphQL APIs and you can put an argument for using one over the other.
  • You understand the value of writing tests, as an investment for the future.
  • You worked & grokked with Webpack and can set up reliable build pipelines.
  • You have solid HTML5 + CSS3 foundations.
  • You worked on a SaaS product before, and you understand the Laws of UX well.
  • You did some work with Ruby. The more exposed you are to it, the merrier.
  • You write your code with empathy for your fellow Engineers, and for future readers.
  • You have are self-driven, and can self-manage.
  • You can write and communicate in English succinctly. You wrote technical plans before, we do write a lot.
  • You love to take on complex problems, and you don't shy away from fixing issues.
  • You have some remote experience, and you understand its challenges.
  • You can take, and give feedback openly.
  • You are kind, and there is ≥5% a chance we will see you smile. :)
  • You like to work in a small team, and have direct ownership of your work.
  • You think of technology, not as an ideology but rather as means to push value into the world.

Your engineering skills are as important as your entrepreneurial skills to us. We value frontend generalists who can take a problem from its most ambiguous state and deliver its end value to solve a real world problem for our customers.

About pay & benefits,

  • A salary up to 4,000$ per month or up to 48,000$ yearly (USD).
  • 1 full-month yearly bonus subject to yearly performance.
  • Reimbursing your monthly internet bill.
  • A new laptop and equipment that you will need.
  • 100% remote, stress-free and friendly environment.
  • We don't have managers, we will work to enable you be successful and get out of the way.
  • You'll have the opportunity to have a massive impact due to our size and being an early stage.

Next steps,

  • If you'd like to work with us, send us your resume, and a personal message. :)
  • If we feel like we can work together, we will send you an email with the next steps.


$30,000 — $48,000

About the company

We, at Octopods (https://octopods.io), are a small, sharp-focused and deliberate team. We built Octopods to connect businesses using live chat software (like Intercom) to the most popular messaging channels out there (like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc). We started small, and we want to keep staying small, bootstrapped, and very profitable. But we do dream big, and we have plenty of big plans. We want to tackle our next set of exciting challenges in the next years to come and this is where YOU come in the picture, we want your help for us to do so.

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