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About the role

In  this  role  you  will  be  working  on  ML  tooling  prototypes  for  engineers  and  a functional web interface with AI assistance for physicians to improve patient care and outcomes.

About You and What You Will Bring:

•Curiosity, strong work ethic, and motivation to learn and grow along with the company.

•Experience and skills to produce full-stack prototypes in a timely fashion from an idea or concept. (This non-negotiable skill will be tested very heavily in the interview process.)

•Python backend knowledge to work with the AI models is required. Front-end    framework    knowledge    supporting    widget    states    and    rich interactions, experience with React preferred.

•Strong collaboration skills, working well in cross-functional teams.

•Confidence and knowledge to identify, speak out and provide solutions when inefficiency,  errors  or mistakes  arise.  Our  cultural  foundation  of  truth  and transparency ensures that our work significantly outperforms the competition

•Experience using Github to organize your code for easy collaboration.

•Experience and knowledge in rapid prototyping and hackathons (with awards).

•Experience and knowledge about Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Containers and other virtualization services.

•Unlike  other  bureaucrats,  we  do  not  need  you  to  trap  rainwater  or  count islands.

No leetcode skills are required. With the expectation that you will have put in the time and effort to prepare the knowledge and skills necessary for the position prior to the interview process. This role will allow you a front-row experience to the most advanced and practical clinical  AI  team,  as  well  as dedicated  training  and  personal  growth  with  our  cross-functional team.

About the company

PENTAVERE is  a  globally  recognized  AI  health  technology  company  solving  a  big challenge  affecting  everyone  in  healthcare:  good  quality  data  is  often inaccessible and real-world insights are labour intensive to extract, especially when we need them most. We integrate AI, privacy governance, and clinical expertise into a single solution to  help  healthcare  stakeholders  harness  the  full  potential  of  their  data  in  order  to improve patient outcomes. We work with clinicians, researchers, and innovative life science companies to solve challenging  real-world  health  problems.    Our work  has  been  published  in  several distinguished   journals,   recognized   by   international   clinical   associations,   and validated in independent studies. We have some incredible new products in the pipeline built on the foundation of our breakthrough AI. We are looking for you to ideate, design and deliver a user experience and applications that even further distinguishes us from the rest. If you want to learn more about who Pentavere is, and the exciting work we are doing, please visit our website at: www.pentavere.ai.

We are committed to building a safe and diverse workplace culture. We encourage applicants   from   underrepresented   backgrounds,   including   but   not   limited   to aboriginal    persons,    trans-gender    persons,    gender    non-conforming    persons, francophones,  persons  with  family  care  giving  responsibilities,  members  of sexual minority groups, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and women to apply.If the idea of working for a disruptive, well-funded, technology company to improve healthcare is the type of opportunity you have been waiting for and you have enough confidence  in  your  skills  and  motivation  to  contribute  to  clinical  AI, send  a  short message on LinkedIn directly toAaron Li, Head of AI, and if you impress us, we’ll be reaching out to begin the interview process.Alternatively, if you’re interested you can apply on LinkedIn and via email with your Resume  &  Cover  Letter  (REQUIRED)  to careers@pentavere.ai(include  the  position you are applying for in the subject of the email).

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