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About the role

We are looking for a Product analyst who will work with the Reface app’s product team to test, analyze, track metrics, and make sense of the vast amount of data.

At Reface, a Product Analyst means that

• You track metrics, find points of growth, and bottlenecks. "Where is growth?’ is your motto.
• You regularly report key metrics to stakeholders. It helps them feel less stressed.
• You make a detailed user behavior analysis upon the team’s request.
• You find correlations between user behavior and basic product metrics like a shot. Correlations to the worst Nicolas Cage movies are also fine.
• You create cool visualizations and Notion docs that explain changes in metrics and user behavior. Funny GIFs will be appreciated.
• You design and set up A/B tests, conduct data analysis, and present the results to the team in a non-boring way.
• You are a data control freak. You’ll be the person that ensures data validity and integrity.

What you should know

• You are a true fan of figures and reports.
• You are attentive to details and that easily drives other people crazy.
• Dashboards are your theme and you are fancy about showing changes in metrics and users’ behavior.
• You have experience with mobile app analytics.
• You worked with subscription and ads business models.
• You worked with Amplitude.
• Cohort analysis and SQL queries mean something to you.
• You are a pro user of data visualization tools.
• You are adept at presentations and sharing insights.
• You can easily explain app analytics to your grandma.

As a plus

• Technical background.
• Experience working with AppsFlyer, RevenueCat, and Braze.
• Understanding of Digital Marketing and Mobile Attribution.

What you get

• Startup environment with all its ups and downs. Mostly ups.
• Work on the next big thing, a world-known content personalization app. It’s like you live in a Silicon Valley episode, but in Kyiv.
• You can work remotely but we hope to see you in the office sometimes. On a social distance.
• We promise to challenge you to create and be creative. All the time.
• You’ll join the team of smart, driven, active folks who do their job well. And that’s the best part, we think.

Apply now! This is The Job you were looking for.

About the company

Reface is the #1 face-swap app in the world. It won Вest of 2020 (Google Play), ranked #1 on the US App Store, hit Top Charts in 100+ countries, and now backed by Andreessen Horowitz venture fund.
Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and probably a bunch of your friends tried Reface.
We have a team of 100+ driven folks on board (Kyiv office), including some of the top AI/ML minds

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