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Senior Backend Engineer

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BackEnd Developer
About the role


- Develop a scalable and consistent data handling infrastructure, which ingests data from various DeFi primitives to facilitate efficient backtesting of quantitative investment strategies;
- Develop auto risk-management systems to monitor the live performance of quant strategies;
- Design and build microservices that manage/monitor the strategies keeping interactions with underlying DeFi primitives and multi-chain operations in sync.


- Excellent understanding of low-level Golang primitives, with a special focus on concurrent execution and optimization;
- Experience in Containerization of application (Docker) and deployment in Kubernetes;
- System design experience is a must: having built end-to-end backend systems and building systems with concurrency

Bonus Qualifications

- Understanding of and experience with security and services-oriented architecture; and experience with building fault-tolerant systems;
- Experience with complex streams of real-time data;
- Experience with cloud architecture (AWS);
- Knowledge of Python


- Competitive salary and token performance-based bonuses;
- A fully remote, collaborative and decentralized environment, where your initiatives and ideas count and are rewarded;
- Transparent governance and progressing together to a DAO-like structure;
- A unique open research environment, where everybody contributes and sees the full spectrum of our work, from inception to production and trading;
- Shape the future of an on-chain protocol building at the forefront of cross-layer integrations with various primitives (concentrated liquidity, futures, options and more).

About the company

Company aims to simplify the interaction with DeFi primitives through easy to invest vaults, which leverage composability with multiple protocols to deliver superior risk-adjusted yield to users. We provide an alternative to inflationary returns via liquidity mining and discourages mercenary capital.

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