Web development
Web Development

Senior Frontend Developer

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FrontEnd Developer
About the role

🛠 Requirements:
- 5+ years experience with front end UI development
- 3+ years experience with the React framework
- Proficient in web technologies and web architectures
- Experience with Apollo client GraphQl API
- Experience with Typescript
- Experience with tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM
- Experience with dev tools: Git, Jira, Slack

💪 Soft-skill requirements:

Self-driven, self-motivated, and the type of engineers that don't need to be micromanaged. Ready to take ownership, must have spark in their eyes and excitement about making changes, responsible and mature.

🏆 Why it's great to work with us:

● Really generous salary
● Laptop if needed
● Friendly team members who really love what they do, easy communication
● Exciting and challenging tasks
● Gym membership
● Medical insurance

About the company

We are GraphQL API Security platform. Our addresses organizations' new security challenges emerging from the rapid adoption of GraphQL across industries. GraphQL is adopted by developers without fully understanding the new risk paradigms.

Company mitigates these risks with role-based granular security controls, dynamic cost analysis, and AI-based AST anomaly detection to prevent abusive attacks and data leaks that today's API gateways cannot detect.
We are building a cutting-edge security platform using the latest cloud technology stack.
We want to build a high-caliber software team, where engineers are the essence and value of the company. Engineers that will be empowered to make a big difference and have a big influence on the whole product end to end.

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