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About the role

Our platform automates the installation and security of K8s out of the box. In short, it solves the real world problems the founders were running into all the time.

If you are smart, have 4 years of Golang, know your way around Kubernetes, or the Linux kernel, and are interested in changing the world of distributed systems, we’d like to hear from you.

Don’t have all that experience? Fret not! We are always building new things that haven’t been done before, so we’re most interested in good developers that enjoy learning, are curious, driven and want to master new things. If that sounds like you, apply!
Kubernetes has revolutionized how applications run, and our platform is building tools to bring that same transformation to the pieces underneath: the node operating system and the datacenter. We are bringing the manifest-and-controller design down the stack. We believe everything should be managed by API and controlled by specification.
You'll be working with the team to ship architecturally-sound software at a regular cadence and building reliable software, automation, and self-healing systems.

You may be a good fit for this role if you are interested in:

● Hacking and compiling Linux
● Writing implementations of RFCs/specifications (e.g. a pure golang GPT library)
● Designing and implementing a new PID1 purpose built for distributed systems
● Writing Kubernetes controllers
● Digging into the internal as of Linux networking

As a developer for a company that is driven by open source and APIs, you will be:

● engaged in conversations with prospective customers, so you have firsthand insight into their problems, enabling you to contribute innovative solutions.
● Participating in all phases of the software life-cycle, from discovery and design through implementation, testing and roll-out
● Taking ownership of the entire DevOps life cycle of the product(s) and service(s) produced.
● Championing best practices, high quality code, and proper test coverage.
● Finding opportunities for improvement by challenging the status quo and coming up with alternative and creative solutions
● Being part of the on-call chain for the software.
● Mentoring junior developers, reviewing code, and sharing knowledge.

Ideally, you should have a good working knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, deployment operations, and monitoring.

About the company

We are modern operating system designed for Kubernetes. Our OS is not a general-purpose operating system, it reduces security vulnerabilities, and makes upgrading, and migrating from one environment to another, much easier.

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