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Do you find fulfillment in leading a customer success team? Are you a leader that is passionate about pushing your team to grow? Are you innovative, analytical, and growth-oriented? Do you care deeply for customers AND teammates? If so, keep reading.

Here at Simplero our customers are at the core of everything we do.

That’s why our customer success team is full of amazing people who care! And when we say we care, we really do. Our team understands there’s a real business owner on the other end and can act in a smart and empathetic manner to figure out how to best serve them.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Calvin Correli, the founder of Simplero, an integrated software platform for coaches, authors, speakers, and consultants to transform lives at scale.

I created Simplero because I wanted to teach spirituality to entrepreneurs. Why?

Because self-aware and purposeful entrepreneurs are the key to solving all the challenges we face in this world. And coaches and teachers are the ones that help people grow.

Simplero is the ultimate freedom machine that helps people live extraordinary lives. We do it every day for our customers. Our easy-to-use software is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Live where they want
  • Work how and when they want
  • Make money the way they want to
  • All while doing something amazing for other people

We've already helped thousands of our customers earn over $170 million in revenue.

And even though our software is easy to use, sometimes customers need support. And as our business grows, we need leadership that can take our already amazing support team to the next level.

That's why we need you!

Our ideal Head of Customer Success understands the value of stellar service, and a knack for leading and growing teams.

This role at Simplero will open your world and professional career to abundant opportunities for growth.

Are you up to the challenge?

A Little Bit About You

  • You have exceptional leadership skills
  • You have an innate ability to lead, grow, and support teams
  • You enjoy creating and implementing effective strategies, systems, and processes
  • You’re obsessed with providing better service at scale (more quality per dollar)
  • You love serving and connecting (including with our team)
  • You love efficiency
  • You’re an expert communicator
  • You have a great left/right brain balance—systems & service
  • You’re passionate about growth
  • You’re HUNGRY for bigger and better!

What You’ll Do

  • Be a part of our legendary leadership team
  • Lead and grow our customer success team which includes customer support and concierge
  • Manage churn and retention
  • Enhance response times
  • Boost concierge credit sales and consumption
  • Strategize success metrics around our challenge funnel
  • Hire and train new customer success team members
  • Onboard new customers
  • Develop and implement strategies for increasing LTV
  • Monitor and increase NPS
  • Provide coaching and performance reviews for your team


  • At least 3 of experience in a customer success leadership role or similar
  • Experience growing and managing teams that make big things happen
  • Experience with all aspects of client acquisition and retention
  • An unwavering commitment to service
  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills
  • A sharp mind and an intense hunger for personal and professional growth

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About the company

Simplero exists to raise the level of consciousness on the planet! It probably sounds weird for the founder of a software product to say that, but it's true.

We're small, bootstrapped, profitable, and proud. We haven't taken funding, which means we're not beholden to anyone other than ourselves and our customers. When companies take funding, what happens is they run at a loss (otherwise they wouldn't need the funding), and they need to exit, so the investors get paid.

Usually, in an exit, product development stalls, prices increase so they can turn a profit, and the customers are the losers. Not so for us. We're in it for the long haul. We're here to create a product we love, and a company we love working at. We've been around since 2008, and we're loving it more each day. I'd call that a success.

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