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Product Manager
About the role

Do you find fulfillment in communicating with customers to understand what they like and what they can’t stand? Do you feel unsatisfied until your product is the best option out there? Are you innovative, analytical, and growth-oriented? If so, keep reading.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Calvin Correli, the founder of Simplero, an integrated software platform for coaches to transform lives at scale.

I created Simplero because I wanted to teach spirituality to entrepreneurs. Why?

Because self-aware and purposeful entrepreneurs are the key to solving all the challenges we face in this world. And coaches are the ones that help the entrepreneurs (and other people) be self-aware and find and live their life purpose.

Simplero is growing, and we’re adding more companies and projects to our family. It’s time to sharpen the focus on our product and further enhance our already great user experience. If that’s something that motivates you, then you’ll thrive in this role.

This role at Simplero will open your world and professional career to abundant opportunities for growth.

A Little Bit About You:

  • You’re great at understanding users and what’s most important to them
  • You effectively communicate with customers and team members
  • You have exceptional customer research and analysis skills
  • You have proven experience with UX/UI
  • You’re interested in and motivated by professional and personal growth
  • You have a sharp eye and exquisite taste in design and UI
  • You eat, drink, and breathe great user interface design patterns

What You’ll Do:

  • Lead our product direction in a fast-paced environment with a world-class team
  • Collaborate with our founder, a product visionary, on product vision and roadmap
  • Conduct and analyze user research, reviews, interviews, and surveys
  • Understand markets and competition
  • Work with marketing, sales, and customer support teams
  • Work on strategies for driving retention and customer loyalty
  • Define and analyze product success metrics
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Continually implement innovative and creative solutions
  • Not be satisfied until our customers are happy
  • Sketch or even design user interface elements

What You’ll Need:

  • 1-2 years of product management experience (or similar role)
  • Experience in all aspects of product development
  • Software and design skills
  • Experience working with teams to make big things happen
  • An ability to quickly sense what resonates with users
  • A knack for talking to people
  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills
  • An analytical mind and intense hunger for learning and growth


Working with Calvin and Simplero will accelerate your career and allow you to work with world-class talent. We’re a team that loves what we do and thrive on our ability to make an impact. Some benefits that come with working with us are flexible work hours, coaching by our team coach, and lots of opportunities for training and skills development. After all, our business is about personal and spiritual growth!

About the company

Simplero exists to raise the level of consciousness on the planet! It probably sounds weird for the founder of a software product to say that, but it's true.

We're small, bootstrapped, profitable, and proud. We haven't taken funding, which means we're not beholden to anyone other than ourselves and our customers. When companies take funding, what happens is they run at a loss (otherwise they wouldn't need the funding), and they need to exit, so the investors get paid.

Usually, in an exit, product development stalls, prices increase so they can turn a profit, and the customers are the losers. Not so for us. We're in it for the long haul. We're here to create a product we love, and a company we love working at. We've been around since 2008, and we're loving it more each day. I'd call that a success.

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