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About the role

A client coach is essentially a balanced mix between a traditional account manager and a project manager. In this role you would act as the first point of contact for clients interacting with SimpleTiger on a consistent basis, and coordinating that communication with the proper people within our team. Think of yourself as the point guard of our team, and the liaison to the client. You would be initially setting up new client projects on our project management systems such as Slack and ClickUp, building and delivering monthly reports to the client, and managing the internal schedule of our team. A client coach is first and foremost a client liaison, but is also responsible for keeping our internal team on schedule to hit deadlines and finish projects on time.

Remote work
Project Management + Client Management


  • Sending weekly client updates about the happenings of the project
  • Monitoring weekly client performance metrics (keyword rankings, organic traffic, organic conversions)
  • Monitoring weekly tasks in ClickUp assigned to both internal team and clients to ensure timelines are being met
  • Coaching clients through their assigned tasks based on our strategy recommendations to ensure we are seeing results
  • Helping clients set up goals and conversion tracking in Google Analytics
  • Build and send monthly reports to clients, providing highlights on results and guidance on any strategy adjustments
  • Jump on monthly calls with clients to review results, review tasks in ClickUp, discuss questions and concerns, etc.
  • Prioritize client happiness through establishing trust with clients by listening to their needs and concerns
  • Coordinating calls and meetings between agency team members and clients as needed
  • Onboarding new clients, setting up new projects, establishing timelines for project deliverables
  • Help improve updates to SOPs, timeline projections and client communication
  • Communicate client feedback to internal team for improvement and adjustments to strategy
  • Work through roadblocks with internal team and clearly communicate any adjustments to timelines or plans with the client
  • Understand client’s marketing goals and how SEO fits into the bigger picture
  • Stay up to date with search trends, algorithm changes, ranking factors, best SEO practices, etc.
  • Work with billing/accounting team to ensure invoices are being paid, invoice adjustments are being made, and team is working within scope and budget
  • Be comfortable with up-selling on projects to tap into more opportunities for better results
  • Be comfortable with managing a team to stay on top of tasks and provide quick and clear communication to clients.


  • Experience with SEO: Knowledge about SEO, understanding what goes into an SEO project, and ideally to have either overseen or worked in an SEO project previously. Ideally having worked at an agency that does SEO would be a bonus.
  • Experience with SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses: As SimpleTiger is 100% focused on fulfilling projects for SaaS clientele whomever handles this role has to have an understanding of how SaaS businesses generally operate, what their needs typically are, and what unique problems they face in marketing.
  • Analyzing Results: Experience analyzing results in Google Analytics (or other analytics software) and rankings from ranking software and being able to provide context around those results is incredibly important and fundamental to this job.
  • Building Reports: The client coach is responsible for building our monthly reports for clients, pulling in their Analytics, Ranking, and any other data that we are tracking and adding context to those reports then delivering them on monthly calls with the client directly.
  • Project Management: Experience managing a team is a major bonus, as project management is an integral part to this role
  • Team Management: Experience working within a team and knowing how to communicate differently with individual people for the best result is a fundamental component of this role. Empathy is highly valued in this role.
  • Client-facing role: Comfort and excitement to work with clients on a consistent basis is huge in this role. Frequent client Zoom calls, and text chat are to be expected

Software & Tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Keyword Research & Tracking Tools (Agency Analytics, Ahrefs, etc.)
  • ClickUp or similar Project Management Tools
  • Toggl
  • Quickbooks
  • Google Drive, Docs, Sheets

Intangibles & things we would love:

  • Someone who is capable of and excited by working autonomously.
  • Someone who is very organized and efficient
  • Someone who has a track record of quality client relationship management in an agency or in-house at a SaaS business
  • We want to find someone who really aligns well with our core values and applies them to their role.
  • As this role is highly communicative (and we’re an entirely remote team) great written and verbal communication is paramount. Being the liaison to the client generally you will have the most engagement with the client throughout a project, and as such you represent SimpleTiger in a massive way. We expect that you would be personable, empathetic, excited, and eager to solve problems with clients.
  • We want someone who has a passion for progression, and would like to learn as much as they can about their role and to fill it out as best they can. Someone who looks for gaps or issues to solve and is willing to put in the work to help change processes if necessary to improve the effect we have for our clients and the efficiency of our team.
  • Someone who is consistent and reliable. As this role is one of the more consistent touch points with clients, it needs to feel to a client like they can always rely on you being there to communicate with.


  • Completely remote work environment (work from home, at an office, wherever so long as the work gets done and you’re able to have stable calls with our clients and team consistently)
  • Completely decentralized work (work from anywhere, so long as you can make calls and interact with clients when they need to)
  • Health Insurance & 401k
  • Flexible paid vacation, and all major holidays paid vacation
About the company

We do simply effective marketing for the businesses we love so they can reach the customers they need. We are 100% focused on the SaaS community, and SEO is our method of driving consistent marketing growth. We’re a scrappy team of skilled marketers always looking to improve and push the needle for our clients.

For more information about SimpleTiger check out our about page and the rest of our website to see more!

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