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About the role

We are looking for a blockchain engineer with leadership experience who is comfortable leading a development team and overseeing the execution of critical network infrastructure.

As a Sr Blockchain Engineer, you’ll be leading a team of developers and leveraging your extensive working knowledge of P2P networking, consensus algorithms, cryptography, databases, and decentralized applications to develop the Orakuru main net.
You will also work closely with the research team to support the integration of key primitives. The primitive compilation will include all the cryptographic algorithms needed for the oracle protocols to pull, validate, and deliver off-chain data, to any smart contract that requests it. You will be in charge of working with the research team to integrate these proofs and validate their integrity.

What You’ll Do
Solving complex distributed systems and consensus problems at scale.
Architect the core blockchain layer distributed key management and multi-chain infrastructure.
Solve for scalability across the infrastructure and validator node architecture to ensure it meets the needs of the oracle protocol.
Build highly scalable and reliable distributed BFT systems using Go.
Define validator node operation using containerization and orchestration systems like Docker and Kubernetes.
Optimize performance for things like threshold cryptography implementations used in our primitives.
Operate large-scale validator node clusters.

This is a leadership role so the ability to work independently from inception to delivery and manage team members across every phase of development is critical.

Theoretical background in distributed systems, such as consensus algorithms, as well as cryptographic fundamentals.
Senior-level experience with Go or C++, Java, C#, Rust.
strong organizational skills and leadership qualities, ability to work with multiple team members and stakeholders.
Extensive experience building high scale systems and application services.
A need to always be learning, and a passion for helping junior engineers grow. Ability to manage time and focus on the critical path of a project.
Experience developing and or operating distributed systems at scale.

Bonus Points
We’re working on software across all layers of the blockchain stack but deep knowledge in any of the following areas is especially appreciated.
Cryptography, multi-party computation or zero-knowledge proof systems. Consensus algorithms, especially as used within the blockchain space. Experience Implementing dApps for L1, L2.

Orakuru is working on things never been done before, and you’ll be at the forefront of it.
With a strong degree of autonomy and freedom, you know what schedule works best for you, flexible hours, uncapped days off.
Generous spending budget to travel, attend conferences, advance your skills and take language courses.
Work where and when you chose, flexible schedule, unlimited days off.

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