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Product Manager
About the role

The Role

The Senior Product Manager at Team Go is the lead individual responsible for defining the features and roadmap for the Go mobile app.

The role reports directly to the CEO and will play a critical role in shepherding and building the company vision to life in the form of a lovable product that millions of people have downloaded.


  • You must deeply understand the Go app, the reasons for its existence, and the role it plays in our users’ lives.
  • You will often need to clearly articulate how existing and future features and services tie in to the overall corporate strategy.
  • You should use the product in your real life; if Go seems interesting, but is not a product you would expect to use yourself, this is probably not a good fit.
  • You will often be the person to socialize and promote new ideas and initiatives. You must be able to lead project kick-offs and closely follow related work from ideation to completion. Be active everywhere, over-communicate, and sell the things you think are important to the rest of the team.
  • You are a primary nexus of decision making, and thus must process correspondence quickly and completely--but avoid being the bottleneck. Expect a lot of chatter to come your way in Slack and our ticketing systems, and respond to everything as soon as possible--even if just to say you’re working on it.
  • You should be an expert at identifying minimum viable/shippable/lovable features to validate ideas; here at Go we want to get into production and validate our ideas with real user data.
  • You should be passionate about design and user experience; you will collaborate with our Creative/Design team on wireframes to ensure that their work meets the needs of our users.
  • While you don’t manage an Engineering team, you should be able to help guide our work by clarifying the product team’s top priorities and areas-of-highest-customer-value off-the-cuff.
  • As a PM you don't own the product; ask other people for feedback and give team members and the community the space to suggest and create things without your direct intervention. It's your job to make sure things are decided and planned, not come up with every idea or change.

Success Criteria

  • Consistently increase MAUs for our end-users
  • Sustain high retention rates for our business users, and increase MRR by adding value to the solution
  • Feature ideas you prioritize should measurably solve the original problem effectively
  • Cut corners and save time when we need to--without letting our users down
  • Do not violate our users’ trust; build the product and data features you would want to use yourself
  • Ensure that all members of the Go community can use the product safely and confidently

Important Skills

  • Lots of experience directly in product management or a heavily correlated area
  • Qualitative customer interviewing & quantitative customer analysis
  • Measuring product success via available analytics solutions (e.g. Google Analytics, Amplitude)
  • Win-loss analysis in partnership with Sales
  • Highly independent
  • Excellent proficiency in English
  • You understand how software is built, packaged, and deployed.
  • Able to discuss & evaluate technical architecture recommendations from eng
  • Responsible for the health of working relationships with peers in the Group
  • Familiar and comfortable with agile development methodologies
  • Proficient at story mapping, to break epics down into smaller issues

Inspirational Resources

  • Pragmatic Product Management: https://medium.com/i-want-to-be-a-product-manager-when-i-grow-up/the-pragmatic-marketing-framework-ef29eb7270b1

About the company

About Team Go, Inc

We use technology to inspire and empower humanity, and to enrich real-life relationships with friends, family, and community because we believe in a world where social technology unites us and makes us happier. We started on this mission by putting together a team of people to fix social isolation and bring people together to do things they love.

By looking at how people make plans with one another, we built the Go app around peoples’ existing behaviors: sharing plans with our friends, inviting friends to collaborate, finding time to hang out, and the last (best) part: making it all happen in real time, in real life.

We also want the local businesses in your community to be part of the conversation, which supercharges the Go app and helps you find what you love to do and do it with the people you already know.

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