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About the role

As a Technical Lead, you’re an established leader, an expert in your field, who relies on past learnings to guide decisions in the present and proactively plan for the future.

You steer a team of programmers towards a technical vision, plus produce high-quality code and navigate constraints to turn it into reality.
With a responsibility to help your team of programmers develop their skills, you coach and mentor them, empowering them to innovate and perform at their best.
Thanks to your expertise, credibility, and reliability, not only can developers on your project turn to you for information and direction, but so can others.
As Technical Lead, your main mandate will be to carry out the technical vision and process with the team.

You’ll do:

● Regularly meet with your programming team to discuss progress; tackle setbacks; share updates; present features; give feedback; informatively and constructively explain the root causes of risks and issues; etc.
● Mentor and motivate developers to develop their technical skills + provide them with what they need to work efficiently and achieve quality (tools, pipelines, etc.).
● Carry out architecture and technical vision and follow its technical roadmap.
● Provide technical oversight by reviewing code and making technical validations.
● Anticipate and assess complex, escalated issues + propose adapted solutions.
● Sync up with other technical leads to remove blockers and keep production moving forward.
● Communicate with interdependent teams on other projects to exchange information.
● Stay up to date on technological advancements and industry standards to define our best practices.

Qualifications: - What you bring

● Around 6 years of programming experience including 2 years of technical leadership
● Very good design skill.
● Very good knowledge of NodeJS, MongoDb, Typescript and MySQL or Postgres.
● Very good knowledge of ReactJS, VueJS, Typescript, HTML, CSS.
● Proficiency in GraphQL API design.
● Great knowledge of Docker and Git.
● Rigor and high-quality standards
● The ability to make immediate decisions with minimal long-term impacts.
● A strategic approach to problem-solving: you don’t just patch problems; you solve them so that they never happen again
● Excellent mentorship, interpersonal, and presentation skills
● A highly innovative and collaborative spirit
● A desire to share your knowledge to push the boundaries of technology & help others improve their skills

How to apply:

email: anastasiia@makeitinua.com

Telegram: @AnastasiiaKaplun

About the company
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