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A Cybersecurity lead oversees the delivery of complex security services. They work across various disciplines in IT, translated in vulnerabilities and exposures to internal and external attacks. They also handle third party assurance assessments.


Cybersecurity Lead

Avg. annual salary


60 000

Mission Critical Skills for a

Cybersecurity Lead

The Role of the Cybersecurity Lead

The cybersecurity lead manages a team of security experts ensuring their work aligns with the company’s requirements. Cybersecurity leads promote awareness of strategic initiatives, and encourage self-sustaining security practices and behaviours within delivery teams.

They oversee the complete infrastructure lifecycle, which should include all hardware, software and services such as analysis, planning, engineering, and testing among others. 


  • Firm understanding of firewall configuration, vulnerability testing, and security administration
  • Effective risk management of threats and incidents
  • Strong knowledge of applicable security standards and accreditations such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001, and Cyber Essentials, Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT)
  • The ability to prevent security breaches by analyzing systems, researching ever-evolving risks, suggesting improvements, and implementing changes
  • Experience in maintaining IT security controls documentation
  • Very good problem-solving, and communication skills

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Cybersecurity Lead

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Businesses, big and small need to understand two facts about cybersecurity. The first is that any connectivity comes with risk. Whether you are a team of 5,20 or 158 every time you connect to the internet or to a partner network, you have the potential to be hacked. The second fact we need to consider is that data is an asset. With that said it is crucial to have a direct correlation between how much a company values its data, and its efforts to protect and secure that data. Connectivity and data are very intertwined, and key stakeholders need to acknowledge that cyberisk is business risk, and should invest in mitigating that risk. Of course companies need to have security software to protect them again small time hackers but technology alone is not enough to proactively protect your company’s data assets. You need to support your organization with an informed strategic approach to cubersecurity - that means hiring security experts.

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Ievgen Khyzhniak

Cyber Security


15+ years expert-level experience on cyber security: design, development, implementation, evaluation:

- cryptography: PKI, crypto subsystems design/development, implementation of protocols, algorithms

- mobile security: certification of mobile devices and solutions on conformity to security requirements and standards, design/implementation of native system security components/services

- security evaluation: analysis of crypto and security solutions/architecture/implementations, development scenarios/test cases/tools, performing tests, security assessment

- access control: mandatory access control policy development/evaluation/verification

- trusted computing: smart cards apps implementation, design/development of TPM/HSM security/crypto solutions/systems

- cloud security: products design, requirements specification

Preferable technologies/solutions: Linux, Android, C, ARM, OpenSSL, CC/CEM (Common Criteria), ISO/IEC 15408, ISO/IEC 27001, MDFPP, FIPS, SELinux, Knox, keymaster, gatekeeper, keystore, fingeprint, Tizen, Smack, TrustZone, QSEE, <t-base, TEEGris, GlobalPlatform TEE, ASN1, PCI DSS, OWASP


  • Technical Leader at Samsung R&D Institute Ukraine December 2011  -  Present  (8 years 6 months)
  • Manager of IT Security Dept at SRI AIT September 2009  -  November 2011  (2 years 3 months)
  • Manager of Certificate Authority at SRI AIT December 2008  -  September 2009  (10 months)
  • Lead of Security section, IT Dept at SRI AIT March 2004  -  December 2008  (4 years 10 months)
  • Developer, Security expert, IT Dept at SRI AIT August 2001  -  March 2004  (2 years 8 months)


National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute' Engineer's degree, Computer Engineering, 1994 - 2000


Cyber Security Specialist | Information Security Specialist


Specialties: Information Security Management, Penetration Testing, Web Security,Network Security, Communication and Software technologies, Cloud Computing/SDN, Cloud, Virtualization, Networking.

My technology background will help me to work with as a team on staff and provide me with an understanding of the visual aspects of our work. I have developed and completed quarterly employee performance evaluations, and recommendations for incentives to upper management. With strong people skills and a pleasant demeanor.

Skillss & Expertise

  • Apache
  • Security Audit
  • Matlab
  • Scirius Enterprise
  • Network Security Implementation
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • Windows Administration
  • Vulenrability Management
  • C++ Language
  • Linux Administration
  • Firewalls
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Network Security
  • Kali Linux
  • Cryptography
  • Business Planning
  • Python
  • Information Security Management
  • Management
  • Risk Management
  • Linux
  • SecurityOnion
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Information Security
  • PHP
  • Cisco Technologies
  • Этичный хакинг
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Security Policy Development
  • IDPS
  • MySQL
  • Reverse engineering
  • Android
  • Information Security Awareness
  • Windows Security
  • Nessus Professional
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Bash
  • Penetration Testing
  • Suricata
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Computer Security
  • Java Language
  • InfoSec Incident Management
  • Snort
  • Software Development
  • Risk Assessment
  • Network Administration
  • Vulnerability Assessment


  • Cyber Security Officer at NDA March 2018 - April 2020 (2 years 2 months)

Main job responsibilities:

- Intelligence Research;
- Investigation of APT attacks;• Cyber Incident Investigation;
- Digital evidence collection;
- Forensic science and Computer forensics;
- Penetration Testing;
- IT management and management of 5 regional offices;
- SOC Officer;
- Programming;
- Conduction of audit of security;
- Risk Management and Risk Assessment;
- Reverse engineering;
- Conduction of audit of security;
- Vulnerability searching;
- Hacking preventing;
- Eliminate the consequences of hacking;

  • Information Security Engineer at "MSB Cybersecurity" Inc. June 2017 -May 2018 (1 year)

Main job responsibilities:

- Development, implementation and support of information security systems
- Implementation of security procedures in business and IT process
- Conduction of audit of security
- Management of information security of end-user systems
- Penetration test
- Operational management of the DLP system
- Implementation and configuration of IPS / IDS, SIEM, WAF systems
- Participation in the process of investigation of Informational Security incidents
- Vulnerability analysis, information risk assessment
- Enterprise preparation for certification ISO 27001
- Setting up Wi-Fi networks security

  • Computer Hardware and Software Engineer at LDA System Kharkiv August 2016 - February 2017 (7 months)


  • Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University Bachelor's degree, Law, 2017 -2021
  • National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'Master's degree, Cybersecurity, 2018 - 2020
  • Ivan Kozhedub National Air Force University Reserve officer, Electronicwarfare, 2016 - 2018 Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics
  • Bachelor's degree, Information Security Management, 2014 - 2018
  • STEP IT Computer Academy Network technologies and system administrating, 2012 - 2016
  • Cisco Networking Academy IT Essentials, Linux Essentials, CCNA, CCNP, CCNA Security, 2013 - 2015


Cybersecurity Team Lead


Cybersecurity Lead. I'm a consultant who can review your cybersecurity policies and processes to improve performance and reduce expenses. As an example, for now, our team optimizing Security Operation Center to improve processes and reduce false-positive alerts. Also, my team and I perform any penetration testing,application security assessment, cybersecurity education, code review. Based on a substantial experience, our team aims to deliver excellent Managed Security Services to satisfy our partners. We always learn and grow because of it our primary focus if we stop to learn and grow; we are dead.

Skills & Expertise

  • ISO 27001
  • Training
  • Security Operations Management
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Malware Analysis
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Security Management
  • Security Training
  • Cyber Threat Hunting (CTH)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Conference Coordination
  • IT Security Operations
  • Malware Detection
  • Application Security
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Incident Response
  • Project Management
  • Metasploit
  • Threat Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Cybersecurity Incident Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Python
  • Application Security Architecture
  • Security Awareness
  • Managed Services
  • Information Security Management
  • Network Security
  • Red Teaming
  • Information Security
  • Computer Forensics
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Incident Management
  • IPS
  • Security Operations
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Information Technology
  • Security Incident Response
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Operations Center
  • Application Security Assessments
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Communication Protocols


  • Cybersecurity Lead at Hacken June 2019 - Present (1 year)

The company is delivering offensive and defensive cybersecurity services worldwide. Coordinate of a global community of white hat hackers on own bug bounty platform - HackenProof.

Main responsibilities:

- Project coordination for cohesive between cyber-security, product,marketing, and development teams of company and customers;
- Managed and advised security projects and feature development for technology partners and commercial clients;
- Build technology roadmap and translated complex cyber-security operations into actionable business objectives of clients;
- Managing the Red team group;
- Build essential level security operations center, from scratch;
- Perform negotiations with customers and subcontractors.

  • Lecturer at Cyber School Ukraine February 2019 - Present (1 year 4 months)

The first Ukrainian cybersecurity educational project, which started by Unit Cityand Hacken company. CyberSchool provides modern cybersecurity education.

Main responsibilities:

- Prepare materials for reverse engineering course; Lecturing on reverseengineering and binary exploitation;
- Preparing lab environment;

  • CTO at PushRet March 2018 - Present (2 years 3 months)

The startup develops robust protection software for ATM to prevent all possible attacks based on malicious software and hardware attacks. Provides cybersecurity services and consulting for their customers to achieve a high level of cybersecurity protection.

  • Independent expert at R0-Crew June 2016 - March 2018 (1 year 10 months)
  • Malware analyst at ALLIT Service LLC (Zillya!) August 2015 - June 2016(11 months)
  • System Administration Specialist at PMLAB March 2013 - August 2015 (2 years 6 months)
  • System and network administration of LAN and external services. Supporting users. Maintenance Linux and Windows servers.
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