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Data Scientists propel your project forward by proactively fetching information from various sources and analyzes it for a better understanding of how the business performs, and building AI tools that automate certain processes within the company.


Data Scientist

Avg. annual salary


78 000

Mission Critical Skills for a

Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist 

Senior Data Specialist candidate should have at least 5 years of experience working as a Data Scientist. A strong candidate should also have extensive experience and proficiency in R or Python, as well as deep knowledge of SQL. A Senior Data Scientist position calls for the following skills: 

  • Proven experience as a Data Scientist
  • Proficiency in R or Python
  • In-depth understanding of SQL
  • Competent in machine learning principles and techniques
  • Demonstrable history of devising and overseeing data-centered projects
  • Ability to relay insights in layman's terms, such that these can be used to inform business decisions
  • Outstanding supervision and mentorship abilities
  • Ability to foster a healthy, stimulating work environment that frequently harnesses teamwork
  • Compliance with prevailing ethical standards


Middle Data Scientist 

Middle Data Scientist candidates should have a minimum of 3 years of proven experience as a Data Scientist. The strongest candidate should be proficient in data modeling in small and big data contexts, and be familiar with at least one language relevant to modern data science. The position of a Middle Data Scientist calls for the following skills: 

  • Working proficiency in languages relevant to modern analytics/data science / big data, such as Python, Ruby, R, SAS, Scala, Java, Matlab
  • Good working proficiency in one language relevant to modern analytics/data science / big data, such as Python, Ruby, R, SAS, Scala, Java, Matlab
  • Experience in data modeling/analysis in small and big data contexts
  • Experience in distributed computing/database contexts 
  • Demonstrated experience in SQL
  • Hands-on experience with NoSQL databases
  • Understanding of true model validation, p-value, and equivalents, understanding of technique-independent concepts 
  • Solid understanding of basics in probability and statistics
  • Good knowledge and exposure to AI, machine learning or non-parametric concepts

Junior Data Scientist 

When looking for a Junior Data Scientist, you should be evaluating the candidates with at least one year of work experience as a Data Scientist. A strong candidate should have moderate experience using Python, R, or other languages. This position calls for the following skills: 

  • Experience using Python, R, or other languages to build statistical models or analyze data
  • Experience in creating complex SQL queries and functions, data structures, and strong analytical problem-solving skills
  • Experience working with various self-service business intelligence and data visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Business Objects, etc
  • Strong technical and troubleshooting techniques

Does your project require a

Data Scientist

Data science helps make decisions about product and operating metrics at the company. It does this through data products and the science of decision-making – enhancing product efficiency, building model prediction, affinity maps, and cluster analysis.

Projects That Require A Data Scientist 

  • Creating reports or dashboards
  • Building Machine Learning Models
  • Architecting, implementing and querying big data systems
  • Solving business problems

If you need help with solving business problems, Data Scientist is going to be the workhorse of your development team. 

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Data Scientist

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Aleksandr Fedorenko

Skills & Expertise

  • Data Warehousing
  • Git
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • XML
  • DAX
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
  • Database Design
  • ETL
  • Cassandra
  • AWS Lambda
  • C#
  • Databases
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio
  • Python
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Linux
  • Serverless
  • CAML
  • Golang
  • T-SQL
  • High Availability
  • Apache Spark
  • .NET
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • TFS
  • Database Administration
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Teradata
  • Performance Tuning
  • Powershell
  • RedGate
  • SSIS
  • Scrum
  • SQL Tuning
  • SQL

English - Professional working proficiency


DB Best Technologies

Dates of Employment: January 2016 - Present (4 years 5 months)

Job Title: Business Intelligence Engineer

Technology stack Amazon Web Services:

  • Redshift
  • Compute (EC2, Lambda)
  • CloudWatch
  • IAM
  • S3
  • Analytics (EMR, Kinesis, AWS Glue)
  • Migration(DMS) MPP Databases based on PostgreSQL open source object-relational database system;


Dates of Employment: November 2013 - January 2016 (2 years 3 months)

Job Title: Database developer and Administrator, ETL designer

Taking part in different projects on positions either Database developer, ETL designer or Database Administrator


Dates of Employment: July 2010 - November 2013 (3 years 5 months)

Job Title: DBA / Database Developer

Design and implementation of databases Performance tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views Tables, view, indexes, stored procedures, user-defined functions, triggers Integration with external data sources(xml, xls, csv, dbf, etc) Development of reporting documents to FastReport Query optimization with data design and writing complex SQL queries / procedures Configuration and administration of the different kinds of replication

Rosinter Restaurants

Dates of Employment: May 2006 - March 2010 (3 years 11 months)

Job Title: System Administrator/DBA

System Administrator / DBA Administrating and user support Maintaining MS SQL Server Maintaining a Microsoft Windows domain based network Supporting users with a broad range of applications Maintaining / monitoring information security Taking care about network/power cabling in the office Providing minor repair of the computers Installing PCs Working on improvement and optimization of network services and infrastructure



I'm a data scientist and research professional experienced with data mining, machine learning and Big Data approaches. PhD holder in economics and math modeling.

Professional Skills:

Data Science: - Data processing and manipulation: SQL, noSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Hive - Hadoop), Amazon (Athena, S3); - Statistical modeling and machine learning: SAS, R, Python; - Wide range of modeling techniques: classification, segmentation, regression, recommender systems, web scrapping; - Server Deployment (Bottle framework) for online training and prediction processes; - Neural Networks - Keras, Tensorflow, Tensorflow Lite.

Web Development: - Python/Django framework; - Javascript, HTML, CSS;

Programming skills: - Python, R, Javascript, Java.


Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (advanced), Chinese (elementary), French (intermediate), Spanish (intermediate)


2008 – 2011, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), 08.00.11 - Econometrics and Mathematical economics

2006 – 2008, Poltava National Technical University
Certificated, Finances

2003 – 2008, Poltava State 'V.G. Korolenko' Pedagogical Institute
Master, Mathematics

2003 – 2007, Poltava State 'V.G. Korolenko' Pedagogical Institute
Certificated, Literature and languages (English and French)

Working experience:

EPAM Systems

Dates of Employment: Oct 2019 – Present

Position: Senior Data Scientist

Contractor to Google on Google Play Project.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Apply cutting-edge ML approaches to define abuse on Google Play Market;
  • Develop models and techniques for segmentation and classification of apps;
  • Making data-grounded decisions and recommendations.


Dates of Employment: Sep 2017 – Present

Position: Co-Founder, CTO

Responsibility and duties:

  • Create web-application (front-end and backend) from scratch;
  • Control of bugs and services;
  • Server-side management on the Linux machine.

Neura Inc

Dates of Employment: Apr 2019 – Nov 2019

Position: Data Scientist

Responsibilities and tools: Data ETL - SQL (postgres, Athena), Amason S3, MongoDB Predictive modeling and ML algorithms developing - Classification, Regression, Neural Network. On device (mobile) scoring with Tensorflow-Lite.

International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and
Systems of the National

Dates of Employment: Sep 2015 – Aug 2019

Position: Big Data researcher

Scientific investigations on Big Data:

  • Concepts, problems and solutions;
  • Collection, storage and processing;
  • Simple and advanced statistics;
  • Modeling and machine learning;
  • Deep and Online learning algorithms.


Dates of Employment: Jan 2016 – Mar 2019

Position: Data Scientist

Design, Developing, QA, Monitoring and Support of BI business models - Churn Prediction, LTV Prediction, Segmentation. Developing recommender system and related services. Providing ad-hoc analysis and reports. Conducting A/B testing and other statistical simulations.


Dates of Employment: Jul 2014 – Jan 2016,

Position: Data Scientist, Machine learning engineer

Data mining, machine learning technology, data analysis, building predictive models and providing related consulting services.

  • Scoring systems. All types of scoring – application, behavioral, collection and fraud, PD, LGD.
  • Online crediting - risk and fraud scoring models and application systems.
  • Modeling of client’s behavior, building loyalty programs, forecasting, optimization and risk management.
  • Optimization of product mix.
  • CTR, ITR - prediction, pacer, booster algorithms for Internet ad.
  • Online machine learning algorithms development.

"KROK" University

Dates of Employment: Sep 2013 – Sep 2014

Position: Associate Professor

Read courses: Models and Methods of Optimization

OTP Bank

Dates of Employment: Aug 2013 – Jul 2014

Position: Expert Analyst

Data mining, Segmentation, Predictive scoring modeling, Sales analysis.

  • Quantitative and qualitative sales analysis.
  • Sales reports developing and support (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Sales campaigns management.
  • Behavioral modeling in bank cross-sells products
  • Clients segmentation on probablity of purchase.

Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Dates of Employment: Nov 2012 – Aug 2013

Position: Scoring modeling and retail risk analysis

Building and recalibration of Application and Behavioral predictive models (scoring modeling).

  • Application and Behavioural Scorecards building on products - Cash, Cars, Mortgage.
  • Quaterly recalibration of built scorecards.
  • Basel II risk parameters re-estimation (PD, LGD, CF).

National Technical University Of Ukraine "KPI"

Dates of Employment: Sep 2009 – Nov 2012

Position: Assistant professor

Read courses: econometrics, stochastic modeling, decision making, mathematical programming, information technologies in economics.

Poltava State 'V.G. Korolenko' Pedagogical Institute

Dates of Employment: Aug 2008 – Jun 2010

Position: Assistant lecturer

Lectures and labs in informatics, programming, analysis of complex variable function.

Poltava State 'V.G. Korolenko' Pedagogical Institute

Dates of Employment: Oct 2005 – Aug 2008

Position: specialist in accounting department

Annual, quarterly and monthly reports.



Data scientist with Physics academic background. Excellent in math, have strong analytical, problem-solving skills, fast learning, reliable, young and ambitious. I am strongly interested in machine learning and new trends in data science.

Professional Skills:

Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Python, Deep Learning, Data Visualization, Time Series Analysis, Scrum, Mathematics, Analytics, Algorithms, Data Structures.


Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (upper-intermediate)


2013 – 2014, University of Cambridge
Traineeship, Theoretical biophysics

2011 – 2014, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
Postgraduate, Theoretical Physics

2005 – 2011, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
Master's degree, Physics

Working experience:


Dates of Employment: Jan 2019 – Present

Position: Data Scientist


Dates of Employment: Sep 2005 – Present

Position: Maths and Physics Tutor

One of the best private tutor of Kyiv according to the top websites: buki.com.ua, kiev.repetitors.info, repetitor.net.


Dates of Employment: Aug 2015 – Present

Position: Owner Principal

Sports nutrition shop ko4ka.com.ua


Dates of Employment: Sep 2018 – Dec 2018

Position: Data Scientist

Betting / Gambling. Predicting the winner of horse races.


  • Experience with SCRUM project management.
  • Researched horse betting domain.
  • Obtaining row data. Data cleaning and feature engineering;
  • Develop a mathematical model of betting strategy (improve Kelly criterion);

Developing predictive models:

  • Logistic regression (Vowpal Wabbit)
  • Decision Tree Ensembles (XGBoost, CatBoost, LightGBM).

uData School

Dates of Employment: Apr 2018 – Sep 2018

Position: Junior Data Scientist

Graduated from Data Science professional program with honors.

Projects Description:

  • Medicine project. Based on the sequence prediction we got quality prediction model that helps doctors understand what disease risk has their patient.
  • Finance. Find behavior patterns of traders, and how to overcome the disposition effect.


  • Preprocessing row data: cleaning, fill in the gaps, outlier detection.
  • Visualization of data with Python (Matplotlib, Seaborn).
  • Creation business features and building the model using machine learning techniques.
  • Obtained the working model for business.

Courses completed:

  • Machine Learning Basics
  • Deep Learning Basics
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics
  • Linear algebra for data scientist.
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