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Make it in Ukraine is collection of hand-shaken, world-acclaimed Ukrainian teams and talent. Build your next website, app, brand identity or other ambitious project!

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Build your Project with our Award Winning Remote App Development Talent. 

Google Play Store releases thousands of apps every single day. The competition is harsh. Because of that, your app does not only need to be nice and functional, it needs a great UX, offer a stable workflow and guarantee your users’ data protection. And to achieve this, you need to work with the world’s best app developers. 

Make it in Ukraine helps you find the best remote app developers, ios engineers and app development agencies in Ukraine. We carefully curate our Ukrainian app developers and bring you only the best. These remote app developers, including mobile app development agencies, have often worked on world-recognized and award-winning development projects. 

Highest Quality to Cost Ratio

When building your app in Ukraine with MiU, you are getting the lowest cost without compromising on quality or time. Our remote app developers undergo rigorous screening and evaluation before we accept them into our talent pool. Your top-performing  remote app developer will only cost you $25-$50 per hour, a fraction of what you’d pay in the United States.

To work with award-winning remote app development agencies  and enjoy the benefits of a top remote job placement agency, look no further. We are already working with Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups- want your project to be next? Book a call 

Ukraine has proven to be one of the most convenient outsourcing destinations in terms of quality, cost, and geographic location. Ukraine's outsourcing rates range between $25 and $50, which is a happy medium compared to outsourcing rates in Latin America and Asia. 

The geographic proximity of South America to North America stimulates local development companies to charge higher rates than Eastern European ones.

Ukraine is the runner-up on the list of Eastern European countries both by the size of the tech talent pool and the affordability of software development services. Among the main reasons clients from European countries prefer Ukraine to Poland as their primary outsourcing destination is reasonable rates and high quality talent.

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